The Things That Complicate Our Lives

Always comparing yourself with someone else.
Thinking too much.
Not expressing yourself enough.
Arguing all the time.
Trying to please friends.
Living a sedentary life.
No passion.
Wanting a perfect life.
Reading too many novels.
Watching too many movies.
Always busy.
Avoiding mistakes.
Having a boss.
School fees.
Too much drama in your relationship.
Mirrors. Especially standing mirrors.
Knowing too much.
Big goals.


Living is more than just being alive. Living can be a full-time job. Or an obsession. 

An easy life is impossible, but a simple life is possible. And it's the kind of life that will do us the most good. One with few complications. There will always be LASTMA, In-laws and School fees (yours or a dependent's). But you can get rid of your obsession with perfection. You can reduce the drama in your relationship. You can set small and more manageable goals. You can live a more active life. You can start blogging to free up your mind, express yourself more and discover the fountain within. You can stop watching too many movies. Begin to work at something you are passionate about. Stop trying to please friends. And stop looking in the mirror everyday. Stop complaining; it can be very hard to stop, though. Avoid getting into unproductive arguments. Write as much as you think, even if it's in your personal journal. It will prevent you from over-thinking. And you should never ever compare yourself with someone else; don't even listen to people that do that for you.

Soon, you'll begin to see your life get simpler. And if you're lucky, easier too.


  1. Nice blog. Good work
    ... I'm glad I found this :)

  2. Wow! Seems I've done something "write".

    Thanks a lot!


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