We Bought A Halogen Oven And It's Awesome Cool!

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We bought exactly this model:

Package looks like this:

My wife (code name, H) heard about it in one of the pre-marital counseling course classes we had last year. A guest presenter in the class mentioned how much better and more functional a Halogen oven is compared to Microwave Oven.

I decided to do my own reading too. Went online and read about Halogen Ovens. Are they truly amazing or just a shiny new tool that does nothing significantly more than a microwave? Well, after hours and days of poring over dozens of articles online I came to the following conclusions:

  1. They have no health benefits over Microwave oven (so no luck if you are one of those who feel Microwave is radioactively killing us). More sincerely, both Halogen Oven and Microwave Oven have no health hazard. Yes, the way Microwave Oven heats food might make some meats taste like rubber but that's purely the meats' fault.
  2. Microwave is awesome for reheating cooked food. Does it more (energy) efficiently than a Halogen Oven. But it can't cook rice, roast chicken, fry chips (in a little oil, healthy way), bake or even cook beans. Halogen oven does these and more.
  3. Just like how people who use iPhone feel their lives are intertwined with their iPhones in a way that makes them treat it specially above how other phone owners treat their phones, so also do the many people who posted online about their Halogen Oven. Many say they no longer touch their Microwave and traditional ovens, that its easily their most beloved kitchen appliance.
  4. We definitely need one.
And so we went on Jumia and bought one. We went for the brand consistently ranked high on foreign review sites.

We made the order on 25 December, 2018 (Christmas day) and got the delivery today (7 January 2019). 

I have already used it to roast the New Year full chicken I got from my parents. It tastes great. Even H says I have got a knack for all things food making. 😀


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