When You Follow Your Dreams

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The best life you can have is the one of doing what you really really want to do. A life spent in pursuit of your dreams.

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These are what happen when you follow your dreams:

  1. You become very creative. Dreams require you to do what no one has done before. And necessity, they say, is the mother of creation. As you start small and keep building your dream, you'll begin to exude creativity like you've never done before.
  2. You begin to life fully. Our dreams are the embodiment of our true self, true desires and hopes. Following them is the surest way to living a fulfilled life.
  3. You become the best at what you do. It's natural that you'll become extremely good at what you focus almost all your energy on. And when it's tied to a burning desire like a life dream, you're definitely going to become the best at it.
  4. You begin to attract people that will help you live your dreams. People are moved more by actions that words. When they see, by your actions, that you've extremely focused and diligent, they will be more willing to give you any help you need.
  5. You age gracefully. The only gray-haired folks that are fun to be with are the active, creative, non-grumbling ones. Going after a dream that is life-long will make you creative till the day you die. And you'll always be relevant and fun to be with. And many people's life coach.
  6. You become unstoppable. Or have the feeling of being unstoppable. Because your drive comes from within. Nothing external can quench it.
  7. You become unique. And in a way you'll be very proud of.
  8. You'll live a happier life. Following your dreams is like growing happiness under your feet, rather than seeking it in the way people treat or value you. You can't follow your dream and be sad about it. The people that have the most Eureka moments are those following their dreams.
  9. Finally, it's the best way to live life. It puts you in the league of the world's greatest: people who charted their own course.
It's never too early or too late to follow your dreams.


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