Health Matters

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life in Lagos, it's easy to let our health trail.

I wake up 4:00am every weekday. I sleep between 11:00pm and 1:00am. Thinking about it scares me. I sleep for a stretch of about 4hours every week day.
Then on weekends, it's either Toastmasters or Lagos InterNations meetup or a Client meetup on Saturday. Even Sundays are busy for me. I'm the bee kind of person, even if you lock me up in a prison for a year, I will find a way to become super busy. I got the gene from my mum. She's been into over 10 different types of businesses. She's always full of ideas -- business, home, and big ideas. Growing up, there were times when almost everything we used was home made -- the soaps, school bag, snacks, juice, bed sheets, pillows, curtains... I don't know of anything she mentioned doing that she didn't do. She is my own proof that whatever you can think through, you can do.

Back to the Health Matters.


Fortunately, I had thoroughly considered the health impact of the lifestyle I chose (or more appropriately, that chose me). 
And these are the steps I take to be as healthy as possible:

1. I take lots of short naps throughout the day. It helps to compensate well for the short night sleep. And it keeps me stress free and smiling throughout the day. 

2.I exercise daily. I walk daily. I do push-ups 3ce a week. I swim almost weekly. I get huge benefits from the cardio and muscle workouts. Better posture, always alert, improved brain functions, and a glowing skin.

3. I eat proper meals. Lots of protein and vegetables. Fruits too. Then vitamin supplements occasionally.

4. I have a job I enjoy. And a part-time job I love. I encounter no source of negative stress throughout the day. No stress induced health hazards. 

5. I use Vaseline Total Moisture Conditioning lotion. It has Vitamin E, B and A. And some other skin nourishing ingredients. People say it will make me a lot darker; I don't care. I want a very healthy skin. And so far, I'm loving the result. Been using it for years now.

6. I do regular checkups. That's one of the benefits of having a mum run clinic and a dad run diagnostic center. Checkup and treatment is just a chat away. Free too.

Sadly, they are not enough. Nothing should take the place of a proper night sleep. The car fumes I inhale daily gives me a health worry only inactivity can fix. 

When it comes to health matters, the key is in finding the best compromise. Getting a lifestyle you can sustain, that won't hinder you from being creatively active, and won't ruin your health fast. We'll definitely lose our health someday; so there's no gain in not having a life just to hold on to a health we can't keep forever. Afterall, we are like ships. We are not meant to live our lives at the habour.


  1. Perfectly true! While we wanna be as healthy as possible, we cannot resort to confinement.

    Getting enough sleep was always a problem. So bad I used to budget like 40 BRT minutes [to and from work] to balance my daily deficit. Lolz

    One had to take the health seriously, tho. Afterall, it's the foundation on which all else stands.


  2. Cool. So I once had a company in you.

    I'm now working on increasing my daily hours of sleep. You're right about health being the foundation all else stands on. Maybe I need to give more attention to it.



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