Breathe Deep. Let it Go.

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Once in a while, I come across someone who is very annoying. Maybe also extremely irrational that I don't even know what to say; he's just not going to get it. And then he keeps talking, and I feel like smashing his head with something really hard. My breath becomes steam hot. I'm very sure I'll never feel sorry for whatever I do to him. My anger is completely justifiable. 

Have you ever been in that kind of situation? Well, I was two days ago.

I'm not going to tell you about it. But I will tell you what I always do. I simply -- Breathe deep; and let it go. 
And here's how to breathe deep: You take in air from your nostrils and fill your stomach with it. You should be able to see/feel your stomach grow bigger. Then breathe out slowly. 
And how do you let it go? You put on the fiercest face you can conjure, one showing all the anger within. You're angry and you must be sincere and not smile or laugh or make a blank face. Show your anger, but on your face only. Then, ignore him. Don't think about what happened or how to retaliate. Just keep breathing deep and ignore him. If you strongly feel like doing something more, just take a walk. 

What will this achieve?

  1. It will prevent you from killing somebody
  2. It will ensure that he knows that you are angry
  3. Breathing deep is a relaxation technique. You should do it even when you're not angry. Make sure you let the air get into your stomach. If you're panting, you're doing it wrong.
  4. Not saying anything will make you feel good afterwards. You won't have the usual remorse feeling that you didn't say enough or used more strong words. Trust me.
  5. People around will have a much better opinion of you than the other guy. When they see the anger on your face and the deep breathing you're doing, they will even be careful not to make any comments that will make you explode or kill somebody.
  6. You will keep your self esteem and still look terrifying. Much more terrifying than the other guy.
So next time you're well pissed off: Breathe deep; let it go.


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