1. MICROSOFT WORD - OpenOffice.org writer is a perfect alternative, it often come pre-installed on the Linux OS. I use it both on my Windows OS and Linux, there is both the Linux and windows executable. I even used it for my technical reports in the University, it can read and write Microsoft word file format (.doc) but can only read word 2007 format (.docx).

2. MICROSOFT VISIO - Dia can to some extent be an alternative to visio, just that you might have to save/export the page as an image for you to insert/import into another application like the openoffice.org writer, Kwrite etc.

3. MICROSOFT WORDPAD - Kwrite is a very good alternative and it comes pre-installed on most kde linux version.

4. MICROSOFT NOTEPAD - Gedit, Kedit and Kate are better alternatives to notepad, they allow you to save as a any file format you desire without putting a " " quote. This makes them easily used as a programmer's notepad.

5. INTERNET EXPLORER - There is Opera, Firefox and Konqueror which work just as well or even better that the latest Internet Explorer.

6. WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER - VLC player is a very perfect and better alternative and can play nearly all known popular music and video format. There is also Amarok and Kaffeine.

7. ADOBE ACROBAT READER - There are Okular, Xpdf and linux version of acrobat reader.

8. NERO BURNER - There are k3b and brasero on Linux. K3b has been the most reliable burner I have ever used, especially for burning images.

9. HYPERTERMINAL - CuteCom and Minicom work just as well.
Installing software on most Linux distributions (K/Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora Core, OpenSuse etc.) is most times easier than for windows. It is just that we are so accustomed to windows that we expect things to be done in the same manner in Linux.
Linux comes with an automatic software finder and installer utility. In (K)Ubuntu, it could be Adept or Synaptic, in Mandriva it is simply named 'Install and Remove Software'. Whatever it is called in your Linux distribution, they all function the same way
From Drop Box

Just run the utility, locate where the 'update from repositories' or something similar is and click it (you might be asked to select media sources, choose/tick all). This will go through your internet connection to download the most recent lists of available software for your Linux distro. So you must be connected to the internet, but if you have no access to the internet there is an alternative. After the update is done, you will go through the list of software and check/tick the box beside the software you want to install, the click on 'Apply' to install them. (If you have a slow internet connection, do not check too many software).
If you have no internet connection on the system running the Linux, you will have to use another computer system with internet connection to download the software you want to install. Just Google the Linux version of the software (e.g type in google search box "download linux version of Opera 10"). Most times you will end up downloading the source code (Opera10.tar.gz) or an executable bin file (Opera10.bin). You might also be a able to see a version that is specific to your Linux distribution (e.g. .deb for K/Ubuntu or .rpm for Fedora/OpenSuse/Mandriva): you can install this by double clicking on the file.

For the Opera10.tar.gz -
1. Copy it into a folder in your target system, maybe the /home/download folder or any other of your choice.
2. Right click on the file and choose extract here (an Opera folder will be created in the /home/download folder.
3. Copy the name of the extracted folder (e.g. /home/download/Opera10).
4. Goto the Terminal or Konsole bash commandline.
From Drop Box

5. Change to the folder directory by typing cd and pressing Shift + Insert (to paste the already copied location) then Enter.
6. Type sudo ./configure
sudo make install

From Drop Box
These will compile and install the software.

For Opera10.bin -
1. Copy the Opera10.bin to, say, /home/download.
Goto the Terminal or Konsole bash commandline and change to the directory containing the file by typing cd /home/download
2. Type sudo chmod a+x Opera10.bin to make the bin file executable

From Drop Box

3. Type ./Opera10.bin to install the software.

For further clarification or any questions, feel free to ask via the comment box below.
Windows 7 From Screen Captures

I, like most other computer geeks, am well accustomed to windows XP, in fact, after using Vista home premium, Vista ultimate, Vista business and Windows 7 Beta I now use windows XP on my Sony Vaio laptop.

Windows 7
Pros: It has lots of drivers included already, I was surprised that it detected the right resolution and screen size of my laptop, the atheros wireless, sd/mmc, pro stick duo e.t.c. on installation. I had to only install (I think) Intel PCI driver. It also comes with a lot of new stuffs like the amazing thumbnail feature, Windows Media 12, Internet explorer 8 and it does not complain half as much as vista. Most lovely is the fact that it manages my battery well, enlongating usage time well above Vista. It boots faster than Windows Vista
Cons: The major problem I encountered is the fact that some software would not install in windows 7 (compatibility mode takes care of most) but some will not run well, for example, I could not find the part to enter my visual studio 2008 registration key which shows in Vista and XP. It also has problem connecting to some wireless hotspots, this was what made me remove it.
Note: Some of these might be corrected in the final release.

Windows Vista
Pros: It has better security features than XP, more resistant to malicious programs and comes with thumbnails, windows media 11, Internet explorer 7. It has many new features that can help you arrange your day, e.g., sticky notes, gadgets e.t.c.
Cons: You will probably need to be a little proficient in system administration to install some software and even run others. You will need to run some program as administrator for them to function well (for example, the command prompt, mikroTek USB programmer etc). The annoying 'do you want to continue' dialog box is worrisome and stressful, in fact it is the second major reason why I detest Vista, second to the fact that Vista uses a lot of system resources (RAM).

Windows XP
Pros: It has been around for such a long time, most people are well accustomed to it, things you can easily do in XP may take you a lot of time to figure out in Vista. It uses the least system resources and would install on a 128MB RAM unlike vista that requires 512MB. Most software will install and function well on XP (it's only those marked to be for Vista only that might not work fine e.g. driver software). XP easily connects with most wireless hotspots unlike Windows 7 (this is because hotspots that use old network devices have compatibility problem with Vista).
Cons: Its security is extremely porous and it can crash for nearly any reason. It has an affinity for virus (most viruses are developed with XP in mind).
But I use XP because it does not use lots of system resources and allows my 1GB RAM to be fully optimized for the programs I run.
Learn to know who you are
Learn to acknowledge your weakness, strength and power
Learn to know how to harness you power
Learn to express well the good your strength bear
Let not your weakness catch you unaware
Learn to make your expression of self bare
Let not it be with veneer
Learn to be precise, affable and clear
Learn to be adventurous and not an adventurer
Learn, with care and honesty, to persevere
Learn to be strong and consistent with valour
Let not your impact be a nightmare
Like one fit for annihilation
Like a phantasmagoria
Learn not to glamorize your glamour
Learn to be who you are
And let it not be an excuse to be under your weakness' power
There once lived a very beautiful virgin
Though she was intelligent yet her life was leaden
(Leaden means to lack happiness or fulfilment)
She sensed a depth within her like a void
Full of unexplored mysteries and greatly deep
And on some rare occasions when she is most solemn
She is overwhelmingly moved to tears
But not tears of joy or of sorrow
It is as if the heat of the longing within her
Makes water evaporate from within her body system
Only to be made tears by the coldness of her eyes
A longing for something beyond the physical
Beyond a feeling, a thought or emotion
Greatly deep and indescribable
Yet can be recognized when experienced
It gives a sense of completeness and fulfilment
Creating within you a large mind-emotional inertia
Making you weigh more than the scales indicate
And your emotions and thoughts are not easily swayed
Making plain the mysteries of life
Annihilating the exuberance of an agile mind
Turning wealth and fame to digits and advert
Searching out the essence of life and living
This was the case of this beautiful virgin
Sadly and fortunately, it's same with some of us
Like the stars infinite, harboured in the sky
Like the sands by the sea, laid high
Like the drops numerous, make the oceans
Such are man's dreams and aspirations

As some stars beyond reach
As some sands buried deep
As some drops do vapourize
Such are most dreams, beyond reach
Just like in a play
So many things will come our way
As we through this life journey
Some to make us fixed as a pulley
And when we pass through a dark valley
Some to pull our souls into a darker valley
There will be times we feel on top of the world
Only to be left pushed against the wall
And sometimes, you will feel very excited
Only to be left with your soul greatly emaciated

Life in this world is a strange war
A war of thoughts and emotions
With the sword of tongue
And the shield of actions
Having sleep as your nurse
And consoling yourself with daydreams
A war that has no victors
Only escapees and victims

Nobody is better than the other
He can only be more fortunate
For your lot is as by a cast of lots
Though a live dog is preffered to a dead lion
But some live dogs are as good as dead
Decisions made based on sights, feelings and thoughts
Can either be good, bad, foolish or wise
Also, it can be good now to be later bad
The uncertainties of life leave us uncertain
But with God as your decision maker
You will journey through these uncertainties
In the vehicle of rest and certainties
To a destination full of Glory, Joy and Light

It can be annoying when you try to use the software installer in Mandriva and it acts weird,  and so you close it and try to run it again ad then it prompts you that the URPMI is locked.
An easy way to unlocking it is forcefully removing the /var/lib/urpmi/.LOCK file by switching to root and runing the following command
rm -f /var/lib/urpmi/.LOCK

I saw the following script on a forum (can't remember the forum) and have been using it (you can save the script in a new file and run it in the bash terminal):


echo "Only root can unlock the URPMI database.";
echo "Starting with the removal of URPMI locks:";

rm -f "/var/lib/urpmi/.LOCK";
echo " rm -f '/var/lib/urpmi/.LOCK'...";
rm -f "/var/lib/urpmi/.RPMLOCK";
echo " rm -f '/var/lib/urpmi/.RPMLOCK'..."

echo "Happy installing!"
echo ""

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Like the stars infinite, harboured in the sky
Like the sands by the sea, laid high
Like the drops numerous, make the oceans
Such are man's dreams and aspirations

As some stars beyond reach
As some sands buried deep
As some drops do vapourize
Such are most dreams, beyond reach
We all have sorrows
There is always something that bothers us
Think of an hunter with no arrows
Or a lad trying to ride upon an unbridled horse

There is no one with no worry
Even Akuna Matata that means don't worry
Everyone needs somebody
Only no one needs nobody

Even a victor has once been a victim
No predator is never once a prey
The battle of life
No one can ever master

Life is like a voyage
It demands your courage
Though you can never direct the wind
You can always adjust the sail

Life is beyond what you see
So you need to look beyond what you see
There is more to life than you see
So also a God that you cannot see

Nothing exists without a beginning
Not even the maggots in an enclosed region
So also long before our birth
And the births of those who lived before us
There was a beginning

And for there to be a beginning
There must be an initiator
So to initiate our beginning
There was a creator

Even the clock needs a battery
Nothing exists without a means of sustenance
And for you and I to exist
There is a means of sustenance

Finally, just as a clock lacking no battery
Needs the touch of man
So also man lacking nothing
Needs the touch of God
Just as the sun shines
So shines God's grace
Though the sun shines ceaselessly
Yet sometimes, we see it not
But because our backs we have turned to it
Same with God's grace
Always being there for us
With many gift packages for us
A whole bunch of freebies for us
But the freebies alone have we accessed
Freebies like life, health, wealth and more
And the gifts we are yet to access
To them have we turned our backs
Gifts like salvation, divine provisions and more

I remember when I started my blog in May 2009, I was crazy about the idea of being able to type something in the Google or yahoo searchbox and see my blog in one of the search results.
Actually, for Google and other search engines to index and display your website as one of a search result, they need to know that the site exists. Though, they have bots that track sites and detect new sites and site-pages, the surest and perhaps quickest is to submit the website to their directories.
You can submit your website to google, yahoo and bing. Also submit your website to as much directories as you can and make links to your website. By making links to your website on other sites, forums or blogs, you increase your chance of being indexed faster and also increases your relative ranking.

If your company puts a firewall in the network that blocks you from playing online games, accessing some sites like facebook, twitter and myspace. Just go to www.proxylord.com or http://www.httpsurf.com and enter the prohibited sites from there. However, do not use this to go to potentially harmful sites as you may jeopardise your computer security and even the network security by giving hackers and viruses access to your computer.

Africa is the second largest continent in the world both in size and population, with more than 40 percent of the world’s natural resources. Naturally endowed with the most mineral deposits and least natural disasters. The home of the earliest civilization and the earliest man. Africa’s endowment amongst the continents can only be compared to the inheritance bequeathed a first son among many brothers. Despite all these, Africa has diligently emerged as the poorest continent with a well deserved lowest life expectancy and the most man-made disasters.

Civilization in Africa simply means concrete houses, vehicles, locomotive trains, banks, schools, hospitals, television, computers and suchlike. It selectively excludes true democracy, government transparency and accountability. Though we live in the twenty-first century, our working constitution is a modified version of that for a village setting with changes like substitution of president for king, ruling party leaders for kingmakers and masses for subjects. Under this constitution, it is the king and the kingmakers that determine the length of the reign of the king unless he is dethroned by traitors. Every rich man is given a national title and a man’s real identity is his tribe. The kingship must be rotated among the major tribes to avoid tribal wars (modified to civil wars). Currently, most kings look up to Robert Mugabe as their role model, except that they do not want their subjects to be overnight millionaires. Foreign exports like freedom of information and true democracy are not good for the kingdom and anyone trying to import them will be charged with treason. As for the suffering of the masses, arrangements will be made to appease the gods. Accountability and transparency are simply foreign propaganda with better local substitutes.

You can take a man out of the village but you just cannot take the village out of the man. Africa is still a long way off civilization: democracy in Africa is no more than ballot papers and pro forma debates.
We all have dreams and aspirations
Some to overwhelm most intimidations
We all are full of wonderful desires
That make us when tired to refire
We all do have glorious ambitions
Of which we daily create editions
We all design beautiful missions
To achieve our glorious ambitions
But we all do not believe in our dreams
And as the years roll by we make them dim
We care too much about limelight
And fear too much about death snuffing the light
We trade our integrity for a newspaper page
And for fear of death, our sense we cage
Ourselves do we continue to delude
If in our dreams death we exclude
For true greatness is not by size but integrity
And a man’s worth is not in dollars but tenacity
We have to look beyond what we see
Even when the world around pulls us like a sea
And when our dreams seem not to come to pass
Suffering from divers limitations and difficulties en masse
We just hold on and dream a brighter dream
When death seeks to freeze the life of our dream
We will be consoled that a vision In Progress
And a dream fulfilled are of the same essence

There are different types of batteries, NiCd batteries, Lead Acid batteries, NiMH, Lithium Ion battery etc. All laptop batteries are the Lithium ion type because of the energy density which is higher per weight and size compared to nearly all the rest. Lithium ion battery degrades continuously starting from the date of production, hence the shelf-life matters when purchasing one.

The Lithium Ion battery type unlike NiCd and lead acid types, dislikes deep recycling, that is using it from fully charged to fully discharged, in fact, if you discharge it to a level too low it might not charge again. Also it hates high temperature, you should be careful where you place the laptop (especially in the car) because high temperature can damage the battery and always degrade the battery faster. So, it is advisable that you do not use the battery below 15% and recommended that you remove the charger when it is charged 100%, then discharge it to 80% and reconnect the charger as this will prevent the heating effect of leaving the charger connected after laptop is fully charged
(This is quite technical, you can contact me for further elaborate explanation).

When storing the laptop for a long time, discharge it to about 40% as this is the recommended storage battery level. Lastly, set your laptop to hibernate or shutdown when the battery level is 20% and to indicate low battery when it is 35%. This will help a lot.
Step 1
Make sure the wireless or LAN is enabled.

Step 2
If you are using a laptop, a wireless network connection and on battery, check if you are on powersave and change to another power plan. If this does not solve the issue, go to the next step.

Step 3
Goto Start,
From screemshots
Control panel and network connections,
From screemshots
Right click on the connection you want to use (LAN or wireless), choose properties, in the general tab, select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IP),
From screemshots
Click on Properties.
From screemshots

In the general tab of properties, enter the appropraite IP address, subnet mask and DNS server. Most of the time you will have to select Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically, except if you are given specific addresses by the network administrator. Click OK, click Close/OK (which ever you see, but not cancel). If this does not solve the issue, go to the next step.

Step 4
Lastly, go to the internet settings of the browser you are using and make sure the proxy is not enabled except the network administrator gives you the settings.

If all these do not work, go to run, enter cmd and type ping www.yahoo.com, if it does not find the host then ping If this ping goes through, disable your firewall and try the internet again. If it stills does not go through, use the connection diagnosis tool of your operating system (even if you have used it before and no results, this time it will most likely complain about one service that you need to stop, accept to stop the service and you will be able to surf the net).

Anymore issues, just ask in the comment.