Happy 2020! Wanna Hear My New Year Resolution?

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Happy new year! Welcome to year 2020! May it be a glorious year for you and all your loved ones.

My new year resolution is to write a blog post daily from 1st of January 2020 to 31st of December 2020. That is my only special resolution this year.

Last night, I did a quick review of 2019 and what to improve in the new year. My company, UrBizEdge, grew greatly in 2019 but it's becoming extremely demanding on me. I am constantly cycling from worries of salaries and expenses to onslaught of competition to owing clients to deadlines on current projects to employee management issues to product development to customer demands to emails/chats/meetings/requests overload. I can't seem to have a mentally relaxed day or even hour.

Right now I am struggling to set aside a new concern about how two of my staff are no longer pulling their weights and just doing the barest minimum plus a bit of eye service. 

I have not been able to continue my novel, Akin Smith. I no longer do my French learning exercises. I don't go to the gym anymore nor even do the easy in-house exercises. I don't write anything that's not work related.

I do not envy the super rich and celebrities. Just the few meeting requests, emails, chats, texts and phone calls I get by being a little visible in my tiny segment of data analysis space is almost running me crazy. Even though I try not to offend people or come off as arrogant, I still had to slowly retreat from many requests. Some are from friends wanting to catch up. Some are from people wanting to give us business but love meetings. And a few from people I respect highly and who helped me in my starting days with referrals and mentor-like advice; I came to a juncture where I had to decide to not have to disappoint them by staying a bit far from them.

Why this particular new year resolution?

What I want in life are very simple and I have always known them since I was 13. Writing is one and being rich is not. Sadly, most of all I do these days makes it look the other way round. And with having a proper (no longer solo) business, I don't see myself getting away from the pursuit of money. So at the minimum, I should write more. Creative writing. Even if it means adding more to my burdens.

When I was much younger, filled with too many African Writer Series novels and Shakespeare and Jane Austen and Charles Dickens and Louisa May Alcott and Jonathan Swift and Mark Twain and Plato's Dialogues, I thought I would have written a novel like Things Fall Apart before I reach age 30. A novel like the Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. One that shows future generations what life was like in our generation. A book a girl in year 2120 would read and understand the Nigeria of today.

The pattern my daily schedules are taking is not one that gives me any room to achieve that goal. So I am attempting to take back some control and keep the aspect of me that has been existing before adulthood (with its responsibilities).


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