My 3 Steps Approach To Staying Creative And Productive

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Step 1: Always Be Doing Something
We all have up days and down days, but there are two broad categories of people. One category let the progress in their lives be determined by this while the other category don't let this damage their productivity. 

In the end, the moods will fade and our emotions will have newer things to focus on, it is only what we do that stands. And if you always do very little when you are not in a good mood, you are the one who would ultimately be short-changed. 

I am always doing something. 

It is not just a productive work ethic, rather, some of the best things I have created were borne out of unpleasant experiences. And when I look back, I am always happy I didn't let an unhappy day keep me from doing my best.

Step 2: Don't Fight Your Emotions
No matter how educated and logical you are, you will always feel the emotions of envy, anger, fear and sadness even when you are logically fighting it. It's just the way we are.

However, nothing can be as energy draining and unproductive as constantly fighting one's emotions. 

Personally, I use a two pronged approach to keeping unpleasant emotional interference minimal. I avoid situations, people and places that stir up in me unpleasant emotions. And when I am overcome by any emotion, I simply let time do its magic on it; I don't blow it up nor try to fight it. 

The result is that I end up doing mostly the very things I would be proud of, rather than having to spend extra efforts trying to undo what was done in an emotionally tense moment.

Step 3: Read Wide; Read A Lot!
Having a wide memory collection of experiences of other people and their struggles can be the difference between being suicidal and being optimistic. Reading constantly gives you a lot more productive ways to handle events in your life. You tend to see a wider range of possibilities and can focus more easily on the outcome you desire. 

I go as far as reading books written centuries ago. Most of the stress we experience in life is due to our narrow view of life in general. We are not very good at grasping in a meaningful way that we are just a spot in both the time dimension and the space dimension. And that the frustration we are experiencing because of a very minor issue is purely a negative over-reaction.

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