Very few people can give you a better first hand information on the terrible-ility of Lagos traffic.

I work a regular 8 - 5 job (gone are the days of 8 - 4 or 9 - 5), so I actually spend 8hrs (minus-ing the 1hr lunch break) on the job. But believe you me, I wake up 4am daily and get back home at 9pm (upwards). So I spend 17hours every weekday on an 8hr weekday job!
So where the f did the other 8hrs (taking back the 1 hr lunch break) go to?! Well, it went to rushing to beat the traffic and getting stuck in the traffic.

But thatz not what this post is about.
Rather, I want to show you how to made hours spent in traffic something to look forward to.

Have you watched Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford University commencement address? If yes, then you'll remember his talk about connecting the dots backward. It can't be more true than in my life!

I have this black-hole sort of mind, that never stops absorbing everything around me (currently seeking satisfaction in books written centuries ago). So like Mr Jobs did say, "You can never connect your life's dots forward but only backward". I have stopped trying to streamline my learning/reading and stopped trying to connect my life's dots forward. Now I simply learn all that interests me and overfeed my ravenous mind.

The latest result, is that I have somehow morphed into a Microsoft Excel Consultant. 

And in this post I intend to connect the dots backward to show how this remarkable change occurred. 

You're probably like me, with a Blackberry phone and BIS subscription and have a separate Internet modem to surf the net on your computer.

Well, I'm going to show you how I surf the net via my MTN Fastlink and my Android phone without any extra charge, just by using my Airtel SIM with NGN1,400 BIS complete subscription plan. And I download heavy files and do all sorts online without any extra charge or buying a data plan. The NGN1,400 BIS complete gets you 1GB data bundle you can use on any device or internet modem of your choice. In fact, if it's exhausted before the 30days plan coverage period, no problem you don't need to wait out the expiration, just follow the how-to here and you can subscribe 12 times in a month (if want). But, if you don't want your BIS plan to auto renew, easy, just follow the how-to here.

And believe me it is crazy simple! And you'll nearly hit yourself for never trying it.

Just make sure you have configured Airtel internet settings on your MTN Fastlink modem. Then insert the Airtel SIM that is already subscribed to BIS plan.

Click connect on your MTN Fastlink software, and VOOM! You'll be surfing the net for free!

In fact, I am writing this blog post via it and have already downloaded 100MB earlier today without a single kobo charge!

I hope you've read my I need more money post, where I talked about how I live from payslip to payslip.

You see, I'm one of those guys who find it nearly impossible to have a savings. I only save to buy some fancy gadget, I find it extremely hard to stash away cash just for the sake of having a savings. I can barely do that for more than two months, 'cos every night my mind will keep coming up with auto-suggestions of what to do with the money.

What ruinous mind I've got!

So, how do I get the best out of my salary?

Well, everything with a bad side definitely has a good side too. Fortunately for me, my mind that makes it hard for me to have a savings also made it extremely easy for me to pursue a wholesome lifestyle, one that is devoid of (nearly) all bad habits I know. So, I end up spending money on just the real necessities of life and one luxury hobby (Swimming). The only time I spend money unwisely is when I have a savings.
At the onset of my working career I tried saving and ended up plunged into a vicious loop of living frugal in the middle of the month and extravagantly after pay-day and the beginning of the month. And believe me, I really tried to break out of the loop but it seemed beyond me to accomplish.

But with the help of my hard-working, though still ruinous mind, I found a great workaround. I found out that I love taking risks. My first swimming experience was in a big river; I put (nearly) an entire year scholarship grant into stocks (and happily lost all); spent my entire free cash after school on a DSLR camera right in the heat of my job search; went to Cotonou for a one-month French language immersion without having any contact there (and got robbed too)... And I'm mighty proud of taking those risks, without the tiniest feeling of remorse.

So back to the main question - how I get the best out of my salary?