My laptop's 160GB hard disk is partitioned into more than six logical partitions and I multi-boot Windows 7, Windows XP, Kubuntu, Mandriva and Fedora. So you can imagine how I must have butchered the 160GB. I have managed to logically organize my files on the system, I put my iso image files in Kubuntu and Mandriva, my documents are in Windows XP and Windows 7. This makes it possible for me to frequently access documents on the Windows partitions and also copy documents to them. Occasionally, while working in Linux commandline I need to mount images on the Kubuntu partition or read a file I saved in the Windows partition. Unfortunately, Fedora has a terrible way of naming my partitions that are not part of its filesystem, for example the full path to my Windows XP partition is /media/8E9C64209C640555 and the one for my Windows 7 partition is /media/925C181C5C17F9A5. After getting sick of having to copy and paste the path, I decided to do something permanent that will help me get round the problem.
Well what I eventually did was to add four aliases to automatically change to any partition without bothering about its full path. I edited the /home/freeman/.bashrc file, I appended the following --
# User specific aliases and functions
alias kubuntu='cd /media/0f83fb7e-7810-489d-ad1d-1cfeb50e1ff2'
alias mandriva='cd /media/d06a0246-9501-4e55-8162-146e500cd2a0'
alias windowsxp='cd /media/8E9C64209C640555'
alias windows7='cd /media/925C181C5C17F9A5'

Now everytime I enter windowsxp on my command prompt, I am automatically switched to the Windows XP partition.
I have this folder I named "Download", It is one of the largest folder in my Windows partition because it is where I stuff all my software and other downloads. I have always wished that I could right click on any software on a flash drive or CD and see Downloads folder as one of the destination I could Send To.

Well this wish did come true, so I will show you how I did it.
I navigated to where my Downloads folder is located on my windows explorer and left the window open.
I then navigated to my user account's home folder (mine was C:\Documents and Settings\freeman) on another explorer window. If you are using Vista or Windows 7, the path will be similar to this C:\Users\freeman. Goto the menu bar (in Vista and Windows 7, you will have to press the Alt button first before you will see the menu bar), click on Tools, Folder Options, choose the View tab and under the Advanced settings make sure that Show hidden files and folders is dotted. Apply and Ok the selection, then you should be able to see the Send To folder (it will appear faded).

Enter the folder. Now position the first explorer window that contains the folder you want to add as a Send To destination beside the Send To explorer window, as shown above.
Right click on the desired folder and drag it to the Send To folder, and choose Create Shortcut here.

Well that's all, you will now be able to send files and folders directly to this folder from anywhere.

Last November when I saw MTN advert of their 3.5G F@stlink modem going for the price of NGN8,500, I could not keep my mind of it till I finally bought it in December. The NGN10,000 3GB bundle for 30 days is too expensive for me (now) and the NGN500 50MB bundle for a day is simply out of the options, so I started with the NGN2,500 3GB bundle with access time between 10:00pm to 5:00am for 30 days. Unfortunately for me, there is no 3G in my area (in Lagos for that matter, I was over-shocked knowing that there is 3G in Akure, my friends say I should quit claiming I live in Lagos). I had to arrange a week in Akure to use up my remaining 2.7GB after struggling to exhaust 300MB for about 3 weeks. Anyway, now I am using Zain's 1GB bundle over 30 days (NGN5,000) on the MTN F@stlink modem. And I have also used Etisalat and Glo on it.

Now to the main content: How to configure MTN Fastlink for the other networks.
Once you have installed the MTN F@stlink software which comes with your modem, you can configure the modem to connect through any network of your choice as long as you have their network connection settings and data enabled SIM (most SIMs are by default data enabled).
My laptop's DVD drive is bad, so I prefer copying images of CD/DVDs through a friend's computer DVD drive and pasting it in my cd_image folder (a special folder I created for just iso images).
The command I use for copying CD/DVD images is
dd if=/dev/sr0 of=/home/freeman/cd_image/cdname.iso
This command is pretty straight forward,  the dd stands for disk dump, if stands for input file and of stands for output file. So I do not have problem with remembering the command.

The issue I have is remembering how to mount iso files on Linux, the mount options.
So I decided to write a shell script for interactively mounting any iso image in any mount point (which is often an empty folder).
The following is a step-wise description of the shell creation

I created a special folder in my home folder and named it shell, using the following command
[freeman@freeman ~]$ mkdir shell
I changed directory to the shell subdirectory I just created
[freeman@freeman ~]$ cd shell

I created a new file (named it mountiso) and entered the script in in using vi editor
[freeman@freeman shell]$ vi mountiso
#This shell is for mounting cd images from anywhere to any empty folder
echo -n "Enter the full path of the iso image: "
read image
echo -n "Enter the full path of the mount point, an empty folder: "
read folder
mount -t iso9660 -o loop $image $folder
exit 0

I made the mountiso file executable by changing it's file permissions
[freeman@freeman shell]$ chmod a+x mountiso
I also included the /home/freeman/shell path in the PATH environment variable
[freeman@freeman shell]$ PATH=$PATH:/home/freeman/shell
To make is global, I exported the new PATH
[freeman@freeman shell]$ export PATH

So that was all, to run the new script I just enter mountiso (regardless of my current working directory) and enter both the image location and mount point without bothering about the mount options.
There is one thing I treasure greatly
Far more than all other things
The only thing I cling to closely
Its joy in my heart daily rings
My life without it is unimaginable
It is the essence of my life
Its importance is simply indescribable
The source of innumerable repreive
The hope I daily walk in
The comfort I never lack
The fortress I live in
The strength beyond my back
In it lies my aspirations
The dreams of who I ought to be
The reward for my perspirations
The assurance of who I will be
My light in every tunnel
My map in every wilderness
Though in it we quarrel
We are quick to seek redress
It might not be the best it can be
But its the best I've ever had
To be so dear in another's plan
The closeness that makes me glad
And it is my relationship with God
These last eight months have been change filled for me
I've been experiencing changes at a rate that dazes me
My entire belief system has been almost totally restructured
My perception of what is right and wrong has been altered
I seem detached from my world in a rather more intimate way
A little happy and a little sad are the extremes of my mood sway
I am more concerned with what happens around me than within me
The me I see in my dreams of the future is sometimes uneviable to me
I try to bridge the gap between who I am and who I want to be
I am more moved by what I read and hear than what I see
I constantly neglect the promptings of my emotions
To always enable me make sound and reasonable decisions
Though I know I cannot keep neglecting them forever
I just don't know if it will be the same me or another
Even my mind seems to have a mind of its own
Stealing me away with its unique thoughts and tone
The world seems larger and larger each day
And I become more insignificant in its way
Though I like the man I am growing into
But I do not like the world I am moving into