How to discover your talents

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I used to think the only talent I have is cramming. 
Cramming is like a fun game to me. As a child I crammed a lot of the 'begat' in the bible -- And Abraham begat Isaac, Isaac begat Jacob, Jacob begat Judah, Judah begat Pharez, Pharez begat Hezron, Hezron begat Ram, Ram begat Amminadab, Amminadab begat Nahshon, Nahshon begat Salma, Salma begat Boaz, Boaz begat Obed, Obed begat Jesse, Jesse begat David...

The only fun I had in church, growing up, was participating in bible quiz. And when I got to university, I used my talent well. I loved the lecturers that wanted what they taught us written word for word as answers to their exam questions. I wouldn't even miss a comma. Then at the university chapel, I once got the label of 'Go-bible'. It was during one of our half year review of Sunday School Bible Study. We were told that there would be a recital of memory verses of the period under review. And we all should prepare for it. I took it too literally; I crammed all the 26 memory verses, the dates and the bible study topics. When the day finally came, I was the first called upon, and I rattled off 24 out of the 26 memory verses. I lost count and forgot to say the remaining two. Everyone that came after me recited just one or two verses. That day I got the nickname 'go-bible'. I was slightly sad I didn't get the opportunity to add the dates and bible study topics for each memory verse. I had spent hours per day for weeks cramming everything.

But now I know I also have the talents of writing, swimming, meditating, sleeping, Excel based analysis and thinking. And I'm going to show you how you too can discover your talents.


Talents are those things you're exceptionally good at. Sometimes they come natural to us, like singing (for most people), and sometimes you have to put in some initial effort, like public speaking. Sleeping, meditating and thinking came naturally to me; I have been talented at them since before I can remember. My mum loves talking about my sleeping adventures, how the worst circumstance anyone can be in is to be locked outside and trying to get me to open the door at midnight.
As for the writing, swimming and Excel based analysis, I had to put in some initial effort. What made them talents for me is that I learned them at an alarming rate. Every little effort I put into them generated a very high return. I have learned music and how to play about 5 musical instruments, unsuccessfully. Every effort I put in got me no-where.

So how do you figure out your talents? Try everything that interests you and everything that comes natural or almost natural to you is your talent. And that's the only way to discover your talents.


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