Interested In Learning The New Office.js Excel Add-in? Here Are My Goto Resources.

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For some months now I have been digging deep into the exciting new world of Excel (Office.js based) add-in. What does that mean? In straightforward terms, it means the new powerful and exciting way of creating Excel add-ins.

However it has not been easy finding learning resources. In fact, most of the early push and learning I got where based on insider NDA content shared in the Microsoft MVP community. But not everyone will get that silver spoon feeding privilege.

So how would you, without direct content from Microsoft, access resources that will get you started on learning and building your own Excel web Add-ins?

That is the question I have set to provide answer to in today's post.

1. I will recommend you start with Michael Zlatkovsky's Building Office Add-ins using Office.js site

2. I will recommend you watch Michael Zlatkovsky's End-to-End Walkthrough of Excel JavaScript Add-in Development video on Microsoft's channel 9

Also make sure you download the solution file so you can practice along.

3. Get familiar with the code snippets for doing the common tasks you'll want to carry out at office-js-snippet-explorer/excel-snippets and Office 2016 JavaScript API Snippet Explorer 

4. Build some sample add-ins from scratch with guidance. Try out Build your first Excel add-in and samples with the codes from Office Dev Center.

5. Read more helpful documentation (Excel JavaScript API programming overview and Excel JavaScript API reference) and maybe buy the Building Office Add-ins using Office.js book.

So those are my goto resources. But ultimately, how far you go will depend on how much practice and non-guided add-ins you build.

Best of luck to both of us on this new exciting journey!

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  1. Nice article Michael :)

    For anyone who is interested I have done two presentations on Office Add-Ins for collab365 and they are available on youtube. They are less about the "how" and more about the possible, lots of examples.

    Cheers :)


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