For the Financial Modeling and Valuation training/support live session:

We would be handling questions people have asked:
1. Why we do not use TODAY() for the model date stamp
2. How to access the support resources
3. Calculation of the WACC
4. Understanding the Cashflow Statement
5. Other Questions

See you in the online live class session!

Joining link is

For the Power BI and Dashboards training/support live session:

1. Making use of the shared Power BI pro account
2. Connecting Google Sheet to Power BI
3. Understanding the difference between the Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service
4. Access the practice files
5. Other Questions

See you in the online live class session!

Joining link is 

For the Microsoft Excel and Data Analysis training/support live session:

1. New Excel formulas
2. Connecting Google Sheet to Microsoft Excel
3. Downloading the training resources (practice files)
4. Using the new Excel Add-in store
5. Other Questions

See you in the online live class session!

Joining link is

Felt this might be helpful to some of you. It was originally just for people who have taken our training courses but now I'm expanding the access to you and many other people who can benefit from it. Feel free to share with your friends and family.

Hello *Student*,
Here are some new important information for you to make the most out of our premium learning platform.
  1. Starting from May 2020, we will now have regular Online Office Hours where via a virtual meeting we will discuss what you've learned, challenges you are facing, career opportunities, tips, how to maximize value from the courses and everything that's going to be of value to you. 
  2. The joining link for Microsoft Excel and Business Data Analysis course's community where those Office Hours will hold is
  3. The joining link for the Power BI (Business Intelligence) course's community where those Office Hours will hold is
  4. The joining link for Financial Modeling course's community where those Office Hours will hold is
  5. There will be occasional competitions and prize giveaways to spice things up and reward people for their time.
  6. My team will also use this as a platform for some of you to gain visibility in the global community. We are working on letting some of you become webinar hosts, community leaders and gain a ready audience/following to improve your career and be opened up to global opportunities.
  7. If you are taking the Power BI course, you can use our special Power BI pro account for your practice (if you don't have pro account from your company) so that you won't need to buy a separate Power BI pro account and will be able to practice all that I am teaching you. The email is xxxx@xxxx and the password is xxxxx and you login at

All the best!

To your success,
Michael Olafusi | +1-941-312-2149 | 0700ANALYTICS | 01-6311885
Yes, you read that right. In 10 mins you can publish your book on Amazon. And all you need is a ecopy of the book -- can be in Microsoft word version, HTML (web) version, plain text file or ePub.

So for all of you who have written a book or something close to a book and will like to share it with the world with the opportunity for you to earn some foreign currency too, then today's your special day.

You head to and sign in with your Amazon account. If you don't have one; create one.

In the main page that comes up after you login, called Bookshelf, you get to create a new ebook or hard copy book. For hard copy book the process is similar. Amazon will print the book on demand and ship to the buyer for you. Meaning you don't need to print and warehouse large copies of your book to sell if you want people to buy hard copies of your book. Amazon will print the book and send to them while you just collect your share of the money. Awesome!

Make sure you have the electronic copy of your book within reach. 

Click on " + Kindle eBook".

Fill in the details for your book.  Click "Save and Continue" to move to the 2nd stage.

Upload the ecopy and the book cover design. When you click next, it will begin converting your book into the Kindle format.

Once this is done. Click on "Save and Continue" to set your price for the book.

And that's all!

Well almost.

How do you receive your payments in Nigeria?

Just as easy. Click on "Accounts" at the upper right. And put in your bank details. I use Payoneer, in case you want to know what I use to make it easy to receive the payments here in Nigeria.

All the best!
I am working on building a robust dataset of a Nigerian company that our training participants for Power BI can be able to use to perfect their data analysis skills in a more business relevant way.

I decided to get the much talked about and large company database: Adventure Works. And in order to use it and get some ideas from it for my own Naija Limited company dataset, I had to install SQL Server 2019 and do some bit of SQL-ing.

I recorded my entire installation process and below is the YouTube guide for anyone interested in playing with the SQL database.


Are you preparing for Microsoft Power BI certification exam and feel discouraged by the study guide referring you to some practical tasks involving Adventure Works database?

Are you willing to practice your SQL and improve it on a corporate world relevant dataset?

And a bonus: 

How to bring in SQL Database Table data into Power BI and also how to connect to a live Google Sheet data table from Power BI.

Check out our training services at


If you got my yesterday post, then you would be aware that we got a new marketing tool that allows us to easily organize giveaways and reward our community members.

We have set up the first giveaway and if you are interested, you can give it a try: Access the Giveaway. Takes probably 1 or 2 minutes and you might win yourself a $10 gift card or the equivalent in Naira. That's getting one month data subscription or 2 months airtime or Apple music subscription or Google Play spend.

Access the Giveaway -

These days I have been going to Appsumo a lot to find cheaper replacement for business tools we pay monthly for. I have swapped out our $29/month Hootsuite that handles our social media management with Publer which cost a one time charge of $39. Amazing, right? I've also founded a $39 Switchy as alternative to $29/month Rebrandly which handles our custom short urls, and this Switchy has some exclusive (relative Rebrandly) features that's made it godsend for us. I equally found for managing our remote team meetings, signitic for centrally managing/setting our staff email signature to be uniform and awesomely designed, ideanote for generating ideas and collaborating on goals, startups for lifetime access to company building resources and training. And a couple others that are equally awesome.

There's also StackSocial.

Together, they help us find ways to swap out expensive tools for a one-off payment cheaper ones. Also, they help us get bargain priced tools that will help us become a more productive team especially as we all now work remotely.

There are however some products that are deals themselves without you having to check a deal aggregation site for them.

One such is Hubspot. We have moved to it at the price of $0/month from our $15/user/month Pipedrive CRM ($60 for a team of 4 users). Another is Wave Financials which we are exploring as an alternative to the $15/month Quickbooks we use.

These are tough times, and one must be looking for ways to make tough decisions that will help out outlast the tough times.

Are you getting worried by your data consumption rate and data subscription spend these days? Are you looking for just the right data plan (or even provider) to switch to?

You are in luck today!

I have spent about 4 hours to compile the current data plans offered by MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile, Ntel, Swift, Spectranet and Smile. I tried to arrange them in a way that makes it easy for you to compare (by data value, validity days and provider).

Below is the long table of this comprehensive comparison. Enjoy!

Data Bundle Validity Network Cost
25 MB 1 day MTN N50 (114 to 131)
25 MB 1 day Airtel N50 (*141*50#)
25 MB 1 day Glo N50/27MB (*777#)
75 MB 1 day MTN N100 (104 to 131)
75 MB 1 day Airtel N100 (*141*100#)
75 MB 1 day Glo N100/90MB (*777#)
1 GB 1 day MTN N300 (155 to 131)
1 GB 1 day Airtel N300 (*141*354#)
1 GB 1 day Glo N300 (*777#)
1 GB 1 day Smile N350
200 MB 2 days MTN N200 (113 to 131)
200 MB 2 days Airtel N200/3 days (*141*200#)
200 MB 2 days Glo N200/240MB (*777#)
200 MB 2 days 9Mobile N200 (*229*3*11#)
2 GB 2 days MTN N500 (154 to 131)
2 GB 2 days Glo N500 (*777#)
2 GB 2 days 9Mobile N500 (*229*3*4#)
Unlimited 2 days Ntel N1,500
350 MB 7 days MTN N300 (102 to 133)
350 MB 7 days Airtel N300 (*141*300#)
750 MB 7 days MTN N500 (103 to 131)
750 MB 7 days Airtel N500 (*141*500#)
1 GB 7 days MTN N500 (142 to 131)
1 GB 7 days Airtel N500 (*141*502#)
1 GB 7 days 9Mobile N500 (*229*2*1#)
1 GB 7 days Swift N520
2 GB 7 days Airtel N500 (*141*504#)
2 GB 7 days Swift N1,020
2 GB 7 days Smile N1,020
6 GB 7 days MTN N1,500 (143 to 131)
6 GB 7 days Airtel N1,500 (*141*1504#)
6 GB 7 days Glo N1,500/7GB (*777#)
6 GB 7 days 9Mobile N1,500/7GB (*229*2*2#)
6 GB 7 days Spectranet N4,000
7 GB 7 days Swift N1,530
Unlimited 7 days Ntel N5,200
800 MB 14 days Glo N500 (*777#)
1 GB 15 days Swift N3,070
500 MB 30 days 9Mobile N500 (*229*2*12#)
1 GB 30 days Ntel N500
1.5 GB 30 days MTN N1,000 (106 to 131)
1.5 GB 30 days Airtel N1,000 (*141*1000#)
1.5 GB 30 days Glo N1000/1.9GB (*777#)
1.5 GB 30 days Smile N1,020
2 GB 30 days MTN N1,200 (130 to 131)
2 GB 30 days Airtel N1,200 (*141*1200#)
2 GB 30 days 9Mobile N1,200 (*229*2*7#)
2 GB 30 days Ntel N1,000
2 GB 30 days Swift N1,025
2.5 GB 30 days Swift N1,230
3 GB 30 days MTN N1,500 (131 to 131)
3 GB 30 days Airtel N1,500 (*141*1500#)
3 GB 30 days Glo N1,500/3.5GB (*777#)
3 GB 30 days 9Mobile N1,500 (*229*2*3#)
3 GB 30 days Swift N2,040
4 GB 30 days Swift N1,530
4 GB 30 days Spectranet N3,070
4.5 GB 30 days MTN N2,000 (110 to 131)
4.5 GB 30 days Airtel N2,000 (*141*2000#)
4.5 GB 30 days Glo N2,000/5.2GB (*777#)
4.5 GB 30 days 9Mobile N2,000 (*229*2*8#)
4.5 GB 30 days Ntel N2,000
5 GB 30 days Smile N3,070
5 GB 30 days Spectranet N3,580
6 GB 30 days MTN N2,500 (147 to 131)
6 GB 30 days Airtel N2,500 (*141*2500#)
6 GB 30 days Glo N2,500/6.8GB (*777#)
6 GB 30 days Swift N2,050
7 GB 30 days Smile N4,090
7 GB 30 days Spectranet N5,115
8 GB 30 days Airtel N3,000 (*141*3000#)
8 GB 30 days Glo N3,000/9GB (*777#)
8 GB 30 days Swift N2,550
10 GB 30 days MTN N3,500 (107 to 131)
10 GB 30 days Ntel N4,000
11 GB 30 days Airtel N4,000 (*141*4000#)
11 GB 30 days Glo N4,000/12.25GB (*777#)
11 GB 30 days 9Mobile N4,000 (*229*2*36#)
11 GB 30 days Smile N5,110
12 GB 30 days Swift N3,580
12 GB 30 days Spectranet N6,140
15 GB 30 days MTN N5,000 (116 to 131)
15 GB 30 days Airtel N5,000 (*141*5000#)
15 GB 30 days Glo N5,000/17GB (*777#)
15 GB 30 days 9Mobile N5,000 (*229*2*37#)
15 GB 30 days Smile N6,140
15 GB 30 days Spectranet N7,165
18 GB 30 days Swift N5,630
20 GB 30 days Swift N20,000
20 GB 30 days Smile N8,190/21GB
25 GB 30 days Glo N8,000/27.5GB (*777#)
25 GB 30 days Ntel N8,000/24GB
25 GB 30 days Spectranet N10,235
27 GB 30 days Swift N9,730
30 GB 30 days Swift N22,000
30 GB 30 days Smile N11,260/31GB
35 GB 30 days Swift N25,000
40 GB 30 days MTN N10,000 (117 to 131)
40 GB 30 days Airtel N10,000 (*141*10000#)
40 GB 30 days Glo N10,000/46GB (*777#)
40 GB 30 days 9Mobile N10,000 (*229*4*1#)
40 GB 30 days Swift N12,790
40 GB 30 days Spectranet N12,795
45 GB 30 days Swift N10,250
50 GB 30 days Swift N35,000
50 GB 30 days Spectranet N13,305
55 GB 30 days Swift N12,300
60 GB 30 days Swift N18,940
60 GB 30 days Spectranet N15,355
75 GB 30 days MTN N15,000 (150 to 131)
75 GB 30 days Airtel N15,000 (*141*15000#)
75 GB 30 days Glo N15,000/86GB (*777#)
75 GB 30 days 9Mobile N15,000 (*229*2*4#)
80 GB 30 days Swift N23,540
90 GB 30 days Swift N17,930
100 GB 30 days Glo N18,000/109GB (*777#)
100 GB 30 days Swift N22,520
100 GB 30 days Spectranet N18,425
110 GB 30 days MTN N20,000 (149 to 131)
110 GB 30 days Airtel N20,000 (*141*20000#)
120 GB 30 days Glo N20,000/126GB (*777#)
125 GB 30 days Swift N27,130
150 GB  30 days Swift N30,710
200 GB 30 days Spectranet N38,390
300 GB 30 days Spectranet N56,820
Unlimited 30 days Ntel N18,500
Unlimited 30 days Swift N19,500
Unlimited 30 days Smile N24,000
30 GB 58 days Smile N15,350
60 Gb 59 days Smile N30,700
75 GB 60 days MTN N20,000 (118 to 131)
80 GB 60 days Smile N40,950
120 GB 60 days MTN N30,000 (138 to 131)
150 GB 90 days MTN N50,000 (133 to 131)
250 GB 90 days MTN N75,000 (134 to 131)
Unlimited 180 days Ntel N100,000
10 GB 365 days Smile N8,190
20 GB 365 days Smile N16,380
50 GB 365 days Smile N36,850
100 GB 365 days Smile N71,650
200 GB 365 days Smile N138,200
400 GB 365 days MTN N120,000 (156 to 131)
1000 GB 365 days MTN N250,000 (136 to 131)
2000 GB 365 days MTN N450,000 (137 to 131)
Unlimited 365 days Ntel N195,000