I remember the talks about changing the world
That it is my destiny to stand out in my generation
And nothing can be more glorious than rerouting history
At first I believed all these to every single word
And even linked it to the purpose of my existence and creation
I began building my life on this grand appealing theory
But one day I started to examine my life more critically
And I discovered that this theory has got many faults
Infact, I fell for it simply because it promised fame and honour
How can I change the world that runs dismally?
How can I stand out among a group of schmaltz?
Furthermore, history casts lots to choose those it honours
There is more to my existence than changing the world
The world is already experiencing more change than it desires
It will be miserable for me to try to always outwit my peers
Rather, I was created to be a part of the world
To be a responsible citizen with very modest desires
And to be the very change I desire to see in my peers
I have stopped thinking of the future
The part packed with the most adventure
I've quit looking ten, twenty years ahead
Daydreaming and inventing pain to my head
Trying to peep into my later years
Inserting, in order to make real, some tears
Not that I do not desire a great life
Nor that I care little what I'll be God sparing my life
Nor that I do not desire a great life
Nor that I care little from where my greatness will come
Nor that I am complacent with no ambition
Nor that I give my future little attention
But looking back ten years and my dreams then
Of what I would be in some years, say ten
And considering who I am now when the years are past
It is futile to dream of days mentally overcast
Days influenced by factors encompassing as the sea
And of which I am uncertain to see
I would rather think and learn from what has happened
Rather than ache my head over that which won't happen
As for my days of ageing
I can only imagine