All my castles are built in the air
Which is quite a great accomplishment
In the reality of the age now here
Where it is no little achievement
To become a full time motivational speaker
Selling overpriced well furnished airborne castles
To multitudes who keep buying the same thing over
Possessing more of an illusion than the parcels
So to have built mine from the scratch
And taking me about half my lifetime
To furnish several with no match
Is in my heart a source of joyous chime
A chime that resonates through my whole being
Making me feel as important as the pope
Leaving my intercession with reality thin
And my head pumped big with balloons of hope
Hope built on knowledge of a coming future
A future that will start with a relocation
An occupation of my castle, a lifelong treasure
The heralding of my most glorious earthly transition
But today I moved closer to reality, and could not
But ask, "Why is the future this far?"
One thing I avoid in my tech-life is redundancy. I know it sounds foolish (at least from a corporate view point). One thing all the tech books I've read recently have hard coded into my running configuration (I  mean my conscious mind) is to always mitigate network/device/application failure via redundancy.
To make this less techy, all redundancy means  is - Always have more than one road connect two cities! So now you will better understand my second sentence in the first paragraph.

Why do I avoid redundancy? Ok, to make it less wordy I'll list all I have in my tech cabinet -
1. Sony Vaio laptop
2. Android phone
3. iPod touch 64GB
4. HSPA/EDGE/GPRS USB modem, and
5. Nokia 6021 dumb phone.

Implementing redundancy means a ready alternative for failure of any of the laptop, phones and modem. So in practical terms, I'll have to own two of each (at least have access to two). Now you might say, "You've got two phones, your android phone can function as a modem too, and there are cloud apps that can ameliorate failure of your laptop. So you already have some redundancy." Uh.., well, maybe yes. But I still avoid redundancy, I don't fancy owning two laptops, two phones (actually my android phone is mean't for everything besides phone call, I hate receiving calls on it) or even a bigger screen iPod (iPad).

Now you might be wondering, "Why all this yarn?" Simple! I don't like having separate internet access on my devices (except the dumb phone, which I care little about than its green and red button). So the essence of this post is to show you how to share internet access (be it broadband or dial-up) on your laptop with all your other wifi capable devices (especially the mobile ones).

So, allons-y!