Surprise! Almost Forgot To Make Today's Post.

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Happy new week ahead!


I almost forgot to make today's post. Got carried away with too many other stuffs.

I think I am entering another phase in my life. Not the usual phase transition people often talk about, those ones that involve assuming a new level of responsibility. No. I didn't get more responsibility nor new job nor any physical transition. The phase I am talking about, it is all mental.

I am a little familiar with these types of transition. The first significant one I remember was when I was eight years old. I suddenly went from a dullard to an intelligent (book-wise) person. Imagine someone who was always kinda last in his class and had to repeat Nursery 2 then jump to top 3 position and keep such top performance for the rest of his life.

The second major one was in my first year in the university. My entire thinking changed. I became deeply philosophical. Some of my friends got caught unawares and a few left me as they were extremely uncomfortable with my sudden new outlook on life. If the first major one made me more intellectually aware, the second one made me more psychologically aware. I even used to run mind games on people until it got me more enemies than friends. And I found out that no one likes to lose an argument by you picking holes in their logic and making them contradict themselves in a very open and embarrassing way. So I stopped getting into philosophical and moral arguments with people. I just let you be and still be friends. 

The third major one happened in my first year after NYSC. In the real world of career building and setting a life-long career plan. I found out that my Engineering and academic knowledge is not enough for a good life. I began my journey to being the 360 degrees guy. Sports: check. Technical skills: check. Soft skills: check. Art (writing, mostly): check. Financial knowledge: check. I began my journey to being a renaissance man.

Now I am experiencing another major one. It started late last year. It's more like I am undergoing a pruning process. The chipping away of some aspects of my life to allow room for the more important aspects. I am beginning to live a more focused life and giving less excuse to people. I no longer try to bend myself to anyone's request or expectation. Not in a selfish or arrogant way but because I am more in oneness with myself. I work more out of passion than necessity. I do things not because I am expected to do them but because I genuinely want to do them.

And that is why my daily posting has been at an increasingly erratic timing. I am also not letting (new) people into my life. It is not whether it is a bad thing or a good thing but because I express myself better and feel a lot more free when there is no one to hurt. I am not afraid of hurting myself or others, no I am afraid of not expressing myself. All those outside influence holds me back. And I try to avoid that.

Once again, happy new week. And do bear with my rambling today. Cheers!


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