You Are Wasting My Time

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I'm on a queue at ParknShop, the attendant is taking longer than usual to attend to me. I feel like telling her, "You are wasting my time."
You are at Lekki toll gate, the queue is not moving. You let your car horn do the screaming, "You are wasting my time."

Then one day I thought about it. Most times, I'm not in a hurry to go do something else. In fact, I often go ahead to waste my time some other way. 

Being busy and always in a hurry is, perhaps, the only way we waste our time. We simply fill it with activities. We seldom use the opportunity a delaying attendant and the queue at the toll gate give us to stop and take a break. To break free from ceaseless activities.

I'm not suggesting that you begin evaluating your life in those random short time. I'm saying you should just try to shutdown. Take your mind of everything. Enjoy the moment in silence; silence of mind and actions.


And what will you gain by doing this?
I don't know. But I can assure you that you won't gain anything by always being a hurry. Ceaselessly acting.

So next time you are stuck in a queue, don't scream: "You're wasting my time."
Take it as a Godsend opportunity to shutdown and refresh your mind in the golden river of silence.

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