To Stay Or To Leave (Nigeria)?

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There are two kinds of youths in Nigeria: those who are already processing their emigration and those who are yet to.

If you want to know if I am already processing my emigration, you will have to read to the end to find out.

Nigeria is certainly a tough country to live in. It requires deliberate optimism and a fat salary to not feel sad about being stuck here. I have both and in today's post I want to share that optimism.

I earn more than I spend. That explains the fat salary. I spend less than I earn.

I like a quiet life, a simple life and a creative life. Luckily, I get plenty of that here in Nigeria. I am writing a novel about what life is really like in Nigeria. Staying here will help me write it well.

I try to look for opportunities that open up due to the pessimism around. Everyday I monitor the stock market. I am building an analysis dashboard on the real estate market -- which locations are experiencing price increase over the last decade and which are over-hyped.

I examine gaps that the mass exodus is opening up. I look for which gap I can profit from. Maybe I should start a course for those needing to prep their CV for emigration. Luckily, I am in a field that gets a lot of foreign love. I just need to help others attract some of that love.

If you've got ideas of how people like me can make better value out of their staying, do please share. While I am still in the "yet" group, let me maximize my stay.


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