I originally shared this with folks in the Investment Whatsapp group. I have been more active there than on this blog. Unfortunately, the group is full so I can't share a joining link with you all anymore.

So back to today's post. Important to note that the promo started on Thursday and is ending today.

The promo access link is https://www.realvision.com/register/tv/onedollar/1year 

And below is my explanation of why I think it is well worth it. Sharing text for text (with minor edits of typo etc), what I wrote in the Whatsapp group.

Got something interesting to share with the house, something I took advantage of.

As we all know how hard it is to get expert opinions, commentaries and analyses from our Nigerian experts.

Unlike the UK, US, Australia and even India folks who share on blogs, write books, give frequent commentaries on the markets they actively trade/invest in. Especially, those who manage funds and other people's money. We don't have that luxury to enjoy here in Nigeria.

And as we all know that one cannot learn from oneself but from others and diverse opinions and especially from experts who live and breath the market, I have been actively immersing myself in online stocks, bonds and general investment communities. Everyday, I go through SeekingAlpha.com and use a couple of other free to access communities.

Good news, one of the paid communities I use when I can afford it or get a promo is currently running a promo. RealVision.com

From Thursday till this Saturday, they are slashing their subscription fee from $180 to $1 a year. 

And as per testimonial, I am one. I have learned immensely from their interview series where global fund managers, chief investment officers of banks and investment houses, and market analysts share unrestrained deep insights in their area of expertise and the investment moves/decisions they are currently making.

One aspect of it that delights me, is hearing people who have been managing investments since 1970s (through periods when the US markets/economy look in some ways like ours -- high inflation, market manipulations, low regulation, focus on bonds more than equities etc) share how things have changed and what investment moves worked then and what works now. 

I also learned a lot about the humility pro investors/traders have and the life-long learning that is the only way to not getting whacked by the market. And that there is just so so very much to learn and apply.

I also learned a lot about how to place the macro-economic happenings in context and tie things together across interest rate, inflation, bond, commodities, equities, real estate and alt investments.

The promo access link is https://www.realvision.com/register/tv/onedollar/1year