Have you ever wanted to make a quick snapshot of just a portion of your screen, specifically an application's window and you thought the only solution was to take the screenshot of the whole computer screen and crop the image? Well in this unusually short post, I will show you how to make a screenshot of only the particular window you need an image of.

Just to set things straight, the easiest way to take a computer screenshot is to press the PRTSC button on your laptop/computer. Some laptops have dedicated key for it, others will require an additional press on the FN key. Whichever the case, you will end up with the screenshot of your entire computer screen. So, what if you only want the screen capture of internet explorer or just the skype conversation you are having or just the error prompt an application is giving? How will you do this without having to run a special application?
Now, that is what I'm going to show you.

I won't bore you with any intro.

1. Brand
When I say brand I do not mean manufacturer. There are only four brands worth mentioning in the world of smartphones, namely

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone
I know a lot of you guys will ask, "What the heck is Audible?!"

Before I got to meet Audible, I thought my life was just a luck away from great. I thought I knew enough to live a great life and believed that if I keep heading the path I'm on, it is just a matter of time.
But after my encounter with Audible, my live changed dramatically (and forever too). I began to realize that I was living more in a self delusion and my focused life built on social isolation spells more of an ill than good. I came in contact with the right principles for my life, and now live a more organized life.

Now to the question, "What the heck is Audible?!"

I remember when Etisalat just launched its mobile network in Nigeria (2008, right?), I believed no one will ditch his MTN, Celtel or Glo line for it. In a way I was right, nowadays everyone simply adds to the SIMs he already has and not swap them out.
The new dilemma now is to make the best of each mobile network you have its SIM and believe me, it can be a full-time job if you don't want the awkward feeling that comes with getting to know that you could spend half of your current daily call cost to make the same calls using your idle Etisalat (or any other) line. All the numerous plans and packages the mobile networks have are too confusing to fully grasp. 

But in this post I will give you tips that will help you max out your numerous SIMs, with focus primarily on call cost, BIS and Internet Data bundle.

Now all you need to update your iPhone (iPod too) from iOS5 to iOS5.0.1 is just your iPhone (iPod). No longer do you require iTunes on a laptop, and one already synced with your iPhone.

Now you get a notification on your iPhone telling you that there is an update and as long as your data access can take you through, you are as good as done with the update.
But make sure you don't do the update at your peak period, when you can't afford to be unreachable. And don't be in a hurry to uninstall your iTunes, you might need to do a restore if something goes wrong (even your cloud backup won't be able to do the restore). Not forgetting that if you have over 10GB of data and can't afford to wait out a cloud backup (or maybe due to data caps), your iTunes will be extremely useful to make the recommended backup before you update/upgrade to the new iOS5.0.1.

Finally, if you are using a WiFi iPad or iPod Touch, don't bother babysitting your device through the update. Just ignore the update till a more useful version comes out, the iOS5.0.1 is majorly a fix for the battery drain issue for the iPhone.
Since I hardly talk much about happenings in my life except in my poems, you probably won't know I have changed jobs like three times this year. The first one was the one I carried over from last year as a secondary school teacher till the end of my National Service in February this year. Then, I took up a graduate trainee (Radio Access Engineer) 6 months contract job with Nokia Siemens Networks. After the expiration of the six months, I + the other trainees were told to go cool off till the company start getting more projects. And I am on my third job for the year, with Comviva Technologies Limited and now also does a part time job, special thanks to LinkedIn!
In case you don't know what LinkedIn is, it is the specialized Facebook for the business community. Just as you spend time on Facebook hunting old college mates and future friends, business-minded folks too spend time on LinkedIn hunting old colleagues and future jobs.

So, how did I get a job via LinkedIn within just one month of leaving my former job? And also got a part-time job within another month of landing a full-time job?

Just read on...

Are you new to the world of Unix/Linux and hitherto have been impressed by the flexibility of the operating system?
Have you been considering scripting as a very cryptic task reserved for those that earn a living making them?
Well, it's time you hear the truth! Linux scripting is extremely easy and you too can start exploiting the benefits they offer.
Without much ado, let's see an example of a script.

echo "Hello World"