Learning Python? Join The Python Nigeria Community.

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If you are learning Python or interested in learning Python, either for data analysis use or general programming use, you should join Python Nigeria Community.

Make sure you click on the "Join us on SLACK".

It is the biggest community of Python enthusiasts and veterans in Nigeria. They also organise events you can be a part of. Lots of valuable discussions. And they share opportunities you can take advantage of.

I got to meet the President of Python Nigeria at the Data Science Nigeria bootcamp and got a feel of how deeply integrated the community is with both the outside Python expert world and the professional/corporate space in Nigeria.

I have joined and even downloaded the Slack app on my phone so I can easily keep tab on happenings and participate in the discussions that interest me

So don't delay, join now (if you are into Python). The joining URL is http://pythonnigeria.org/ 


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