What It Means To Love

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Tomorrow is Valentine. 
It's not too late to plan a surprise for your val. And if you don't have a val, don't feel sad. I don't have one too. It's my preferred choice. But if you don't have a val and don't know why or didn't make it that way. Then you should spend tonight in a prayer vigil.

So let's talk about love, today. What it means to love.

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Unfortunately, you can't define love. You can only feel it. When you love someone, there's nothing they can do to make you stop loving them. One of its truest form is that feeling mothers have for their children. Even when the child sets his heart on following a path of shame and evil. The father might disown him, but never the mother. If there's only one person that visits the world's most notorious criminal in his prison cell, you can be sure it is his mother.

And that is what it means to love. If you truly love someone, you'll stand by that person through thick and thin. There will be disagreements, fights, complaints, and every other thing that plagues relationships. But you both know that in the end, you're inseparable. 

And for most of us, this kind of love doesn't come upon us like a cupid's arrow. Or like it came upon Romeo and Juliet. We have to cultivate it. Consciously make it grow to the point where it's strong enough to outlive its objects. That's why much fewer marriages break after the 20th anniversary. 

To love is to be inseparable. It could exist between two bosom friends. A brother and a sister. A father and a son. Always a mother and her child. A boy and a girl. A man and God. A wife and her husband. 

There's no formula to it. There are no principles. There's no trying to be a better person. It's not about being tolerant or considerate. It's not about being sweet and kind. It's not about constant communication. It's beyond all these. It's simply being inseparable. No pretense. No formality. No butterflies. No shooting stars. Just that plain feeling of attachment that transcends all. 

And for most of us, it's not about finding that special someone. It's about making someone the special one.

Happy Valentine in advance!


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