Remember that post I made on modding your G1 and how I mentioned that I just recently modded mine. Well after flashing cyanogenmod 6.0.0-DS on my G1 and was stunned by the exquisite (Windows 7 – like) graphics, I was greatly disappointed to find my G1 so slow that navigating to the homescreen became a touch and travel activity. The camera app was greatly frustrating, after taking seconds to open it is only good for snapping still scenes because the pictures are taken seconds after the shutter button has been pressed. Not forgetting the gallery, that one became so useless I started searching the android market for any alternative app. When I try to view the pictures I took with the phone's camera, it takes forever to scroll to the next picture. The phone app wasn't left out, typing phone number has never been this hard, and after all the frustration and the tendency of you forgetting why you wanted to make the call, it takes about 5 seconds for the call to be terminated after you end it.

I must confess that I still preferred my modded G1 state to the unmodded (running android 1.6) state because I now run the latest android version, I can install apps on SD, I can install root (requiring) apps, and I can install apps meant for android 2.1 and above. So I convinced myself that all I have been reading about cyanogenmod, that it is way faster than the stock OS, is true and I am going to make that true fact a reality on my G1. Armed with Google, I searched the internet using various words combinations to locate any article that might address a similar issue. But I was disappointed to discover that as far as the internet is concerned I am the only one with such an issue. After giving up on finding any online assistance, I decided to fiddle with the settings on my modded G1 and one day I struck luck, after changing a couple of things mostly disabling a lot of CPU sucking tweaks, my modded G1 became really fast. So in the following paragraphs I am going to share with you the changes I made on my G1 that made it work real fast.

For a long time I have wanted to be able to check my bank account online. I have accounts in United Bank for Africa (UBA), Spring Bank (now Enterprise bank), Intercontinental Bank (now Access bank) and GTB. Despite the fact that the account I have in GTB is a current account and those in the other banks are savings accounts, I find GTB's current account less expensive to manage and GTB's customer service way better than all the others put together. So in few words, I actively use my GTB current account and in fact, I hold two Domiciliary accounts and a MasterCard account with GTB.

This past month I went to the GTB nearest to me and filled the Internet Banking form, but to my surprise I didn't receive the promised mail that will provide me my login details. But yesterday I was able in under 20 minutes to enable my accounts (the current, 2 dorms and a mastercard) for internet banking, and the details of how I did it is what I want to share with you.