Running Your Life Like a Business

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Limited liability companies are regarded as corporate persons. In fact, a company wanted to stand for election in USA.

Have you ever considered yourself as a company? If A = B, then B = A too. If a company is a person, then a person is a company. Well, legally. But today, we'll take it beyond the legal arena. So join me as I show you how to run your life like a company. 

Thanks to books and reality, I know quite a lot about how businesses are run. So let's take my life as a business. I'm Michael Olafusi Ltd. 


What are the practical implications?

  1. As a company, I will have a Mission, a Vision and a Value statement. And this is one thing we all need to learn from companies. Having a Mission, Vision and Value statement that is made obvious to everyone is one of the best ways to live a focused and value-based life.
  2. I will have a record of all the important activities in my life. Just as a business keeps a journal and a ledger. And some even hire forensic accountants to help set things straight. It's obviously going to be tasking, but it is worth the effort. And after a few months, it will become as easy as brushing one's teeth daily.
  3. I will have a Budget. 
  4. I will interact with only the people that value my time, expertise and resources. And just has companies rate their customers and business partners, based on their credit worthiness and business ethics. I will have a mental list of all the people I interact with. I will dedicate more of my resources to those that do not abuse them.
  5. I will do a SWOT analysis yearly. Just like companies do to become more self-aware and know where they truly stand. 
  6. I will invest in myself heavily. The best companies aren't the ones hoarding cash and not re-investing in themselves. The best companies are the ones that are forward thinking and will even borrow to position themselves in a future vantage position. 
  7. I will care more about my potential value than my current cash statement. We individuals are obsessed with cash at hand and in bank. Companies care more about future cash flow. About their earning potential. About their brand value. About what the future holds for them. Not about how many SUV's they have in the car park.
  8. I will be extremely law abiding. Just as companies hire attorneys to help them figure out all the laws they should abide by, I will take extra care/effort to abide by all laws that affect me. It saves a lot of future troubles.
  9. I will be known for something. Something very specific. Just like all companies.
  10. Finally, I will be more socially responsible. I will donate to causes that better lives and the environment. A good company does.


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