Finding Focus

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I'm one of the few people who make new year resolutions. They work for me. I still remember the one I made in 2005. It was a resolution to stop underlining and highlighting bible verses. My bible then was a sight to see. I had some chapters completely underlined with a black pen. Then some verses in them highlighted with a yellow marker. And then part of those highlighted verses marked with a * in front. I was ashamed of myself. So that year I made a resolution to stop marking my bible. And till today, I'm still faithful to that resolution.

I remember another one, a much tougher one. In 2007, I made a new year resolution to stop complaining, negatively criticizing and grumbling. It was a tough one. There were lots of things to complain about. And I had already formed a habit of giving stinging criticism. I struggled throughout that year to keep to that resolution. And the struggle crept into 2008. And popped-up occasionally in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In the end I won. And it has been the best new year resolution I have made. I love the new me it made of me.

And so this year I made a new year resolution. A resolution to live a more focused life. 


So far these are the steps I've taken:
  1. I sent a new year message to all the people I worked for in 2013, and I told them that my specialization is in MS Excel and they shouldn't consider me for non-Excel jobs. Slightly crazy. But that's what I did in a less direct manner.
  2. I cancelled my monthly Gold Membership subscription on I have so many books I want to re-read or finish. I won't be buying new audiobooks till I'm done.
  3. I stopped bidding for freelance projects on, and I'm focusing on the local market. Just as I have defined my niche, I'm also defining my reach. 
  4. I now tell people that I'm not interested in job openings. My current job is going to be the last.
  5. I'm more frank.
And so far, I think it's going to be an easy year for me. Resolution-wise.


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