This year has been a very peculiar one. Everyone's needs have gone up while income haven't gone up (many have even seen it gone down). And as it is for individuals so has it been for companies. However, some needs can't be deferred for long or the damage becomes more than is justifiable. 

For us as a company, we have pushed it out far for too long to add to our technical team and hiring a PA/admin. We started an internship program this year and we have kept it running even during the lockdown period. We have seen it be a very mutually benefiting one. The talent, energy and vibrancy of the interns we have had is one that shows that more than complaints of deficiency in our educational system, there is a bigger deficiency of opportunities. A UK, US or Canadian student easily get to do multiple relevant internships before graduation while a Nigerian student struggles to get one. We are happy that we are contributing to increasing that opportunities pool.

I am glad to announce that we have 3 roles we are accepting applications for:

PA/Admin Role to see full details and application process. 

1) To assist with planning and admin tasks 

2) To help with presentations, executive meetings with clients and minutes 

3) To handle business correspondence for the CEO 

4) To help with business research and reports. 

Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Analyst Role to see full details and application process. 

1) To work on Excel, Power BI and Financial Analysis projects 

2) To facilitate Excel & Power BI training classes 

3) To create video and written tutorial/training contents 

4) To coordinate webinar sessions.

Intern Role - to see full details and application process. 

1) To learn and support the data analysts 

2) To help with admin tasks 

3) To learn and provide support for our products/services 

4) To mange

Help pass on to anyone you think needs to see this. Thanks!