Leonardo da Vinci: The Inspiration For My Life Goal

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Have you read my One Life Goal?

Leonardo da Vinci is the main inspiration for it.
He lived an extraordinary life. The kind of life I hope to live. If I could regard any man as perfect, it would be him.

Leonardo da Vinci was born 15th of April, 1452. Like most other great men, there was nothing great about his birth, family and early life. What was most special about him is that he never stopped growing. He poured himself into all that interested him. And lived fully. He used every talent he had. He didn't try to fit in anywhere. He gave his thoughts wings and his hands tools. He thought and worked. 

He was a very caring and simple man. He loved everyone and was kind to even birds. He would buy caged birds just to free them. He was a vegetarian. He couldn't stand the killing of animals for food. He had an apprentice who was always stealing from him and lying to him, yet he remained kind to him. Took him back every time he had spent all the money he took off with. He even included him in his will. He's the kindest man I have ever read about.

I don't want to give a narrative of his biography because he's slightly more than human to me. He is the epitome of simplicity. Even when Michelangelo called him incompetent and lazy, he wasn't offended. He was the perfect mix of brain and energy. Calm, caring and creative.

He fed his childhood curiosity throughout his lifetime. His rules and life principles were not formed in his head and to be followed religiously. They were written in his kind heart, and expressed gently. 

You can read more about his creativity here. He's regarded as the most creative man that ever lived. 


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