We all know when it comes to text chatting, Yahoo! messenger leads the pack. The timely notification of friends online status change, individual (independent) window for each chat session, no Skype-link downtime and it's the good old Yahoo messenger!

Now imagine chatting via Yahoo! messenger with your Facebook friends. The chat looks less intrusive (as it is on the Facebook site) and you get to focus easily on your other activities (but should be done outside work hours). Best enjoyed during the weekends, when you'll like to keep in touch with friends and not have to dedicate a whole webpage to it, let alone the back and forth navigation to that page. That is what the latest version of Yahoo! messenger just made possible.

So in this post I am going to show you how to use this new feature of Yahoo! Messenger.
Finally, Apple approves Google+ app! The only issue is, iPod (regardless of the generation) and iPad are not supported, in fact, I couldn't search out the app on my iPod 4G. 

That aside, in this post I am going to share with you what the Google+ looks like on web via a computer and on android via the android app.

J'ai peine couvert 2 Km en deux heures
L'embouteillage est fidèle comme d'habitude
Bienvenue à ma ville
Tous les jours, je me lève à 4h20
Quand le coq est encore ronfler
Je sors avant le soleil se réveille
Je passe plus de temps sur la route que dans le bureau
Ma ville est située dans le sud-ouest du Nigeria
Elle est petite géographiquement, mais énorme démographiquement
Nous avons tout: les trains, les routes, les bateaux, les pauvres et les riches
Mais nous essayons garder notre santé mentale
Chaque jour, nous marchons à nos tombes
Poussé par les embouteillages, le stress et nos voisins
Pouvez-vous deviner ma ville?
In one of my earlier post I went through the steps of recharging your phone line online via Quickteller . Well, for some like me, who use a Naira Mastercard (GTBank's ATM cards), you won't be able to complete the recharge card purchase. So in this new post, Your GTBank Naira mastercard now works on Quickteller

In fact, I have been using my GTB Naira Mastercard on Quickteller to pay my Airtel postpaid line bill for over a year now.


But, I will still give you the list of other websites you can buy recharge cards or top-up to recharge your phone lines on and as usual, with relevant snapshots.

So, here we go!