Steve Jobs: How His Life Impacted Mine

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Next to Jesus, there are other 3 people whose lives greatly shaped mine. Leonardo da Vinci, Samuel Clemens Langhorne and Steve Jobs. I have already talked about Samuel Clemens Langhorne (aka Mark Twain). And today I'll be talking about Steve Jobs.

First of all, I need to let you know that just as diamond isn't found floating in it's purest form on the cleanest river, but is found in thick dirt with an awkward shape. So also are the world's most inspiring people. They are not the symbol of the ideal man we all have in mind. But they are always the best of their kind. Special beyond comprehension and creative beyond description. And that's the only way to describe Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955. His mum and dad were unmarried, and students at the University of Wisconsin, USA. His mum's family wouldn't let them marry. So they put the baby up for adoption. He was adopted by Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs. His new dad was a Mechanic/Carpenter and the new mum an Accountant. He lived a regular life. Nothing special about his upbringing or family.

But as he grew up he began examining his life. Soon, he concluded that going to University wasn't his own decision and he saw little value in it. He dropped out. And it was at that point that his life took a unique turn. He began doing only the things had strong passion for. He was too young to worry about money and too smart to work full-time for someone else. He was obsessed with creating something of value and doing it in the most beautiful way possible. And that was how Apple came to be. He found someone who was technically smarter than him and they began Apple Computer Company. And as you know, the rest is history.

They built the first personal computer. They hired Bill Gates and gave him one of his earliest big breaks. They did things people thought impossible. They kept setting new standards and ended up creating an entirely new industry. 

But the real inspiration is in the path he took. He dropped out of college when it was not a fashionable thing to do. He wanted a life he chose, not one decided for him. He put all his energy into building things. And when he started Apple, no one took him and the company serious. One of the founding partners pulled out early on because he saw no future for the company. He had numerous troubles getting needed fund. Almost everyone he talked to thought he was crazy. But he was so determined and persistent that people began to take him more seriously. They saw the drive and couldn't but give him a chance. And he went on to build the world's most innovative company. Twice.

What inspires me the most about him is that he focused on just one thing: creating. He never cared about money or public perception. He did his own thinking and followed his own gut. Even when he was ousted from Apple, he took his life earnings and started another company. He spent almost everything because of his obsession with high quality and creativity before the company started turning profits.

And here is the best inspirational presentation on Steve Jobs, I could find. 


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