Good morning (hoping you're reading this in the morning). Some good news to share. But first, I must tell you the truth that this good news sprouted out of a rejection. I applied for a big thing that I was confident I would get and then I didn't get it. Rather I got a rejection email that summarized all I have worked for in the last 7 years of running my business as just the works of an unknown low impact hustler.

I am used to reading good news and not believing they were intended for me. In the semesters I made the dean's list in the university, I would act like I must have been lucky. When I got a scholarship from Mobil, again, I kept telling people it was luck (unearned grace). When I got my first job straight out of NYSC (finished NYSC February, got the job in March), I was sure it was not my works that sealed it. Starting my own business, gaining some international opportunities, getting Microsoft's biggest award to a non-employee and many other good things I am daily grateful for; I've always seen them as the results of unearned grace more than my know-how.

The one thing I went for with a belief that I tick all the boxes to getting it got me a rejection. For once, I felt the works alone could would get me it. Rather, I got a rejection that was explained in several paragraphs, not the typical - thank you, despite the strength of your profile, we got many other awesome applicants and just couldn't take everyone so we are sorry to let you know that you should apply again in the future. This one was a thorough two page explanation of why I am not awesome and why I should desist from applying again. 

How then did this good news I am about to share shoot out of this harsh rejection?

Without mincing words, it turned my 180 degrees view into a 360 degrees view. It brought into view many things I have been blind to. Especially that the very reason you are special is very reason you are not special. To someone. So just do it. Heck, just do it.

Don't wait for anyone's validation, especially, the experts. Whatever you have been getting prepared to do, just do it. 

The one thing I have been wanting to do and always feeling that I am not yet well prepared to do, is having a full-time inhouse web app development team. And I am happy to let you all know that I am going to just do it.

So if you have a cool candidate to refer, thank you and here's what you can share with the person:

UrBizEdge is hiring for a Web Developer Role - PHP/WordPress preferred

Apply at

The job description: 1) Manage our existing PHP/WordPress deployed products 2) Build new product prototypes 3) Weekly/monthly product sprints 4) Willing to learn and work in an agile manner.

Thank you!


 Today's post is on behalf of a great friend, David. I think you'll find his product useful if you are still in Nigeria like me.


Author: David (Michael's friend)

There is so much to achieve as working professionals, remote workers, freelancers, and the likes if we have an enabling environment. In this age and time, being in a space that allows you work optimally without any interruption to work may be the difference between a struggling professional and one that is thriving. One of such enablers for productive work is constant power supply. In fact, having an alternative to the current grid supply should be seen as an investment to your work-tools. As professionals, we know that our work-tools like laptop, internet, power supply and phone are non-negotiable.

Let me introduce you to an innovate alternative to power supply. It is a solar generator. Unlike what we currently have in the market where you get a lead acid battery and an inverter separately, this solar generator is quite different. It is movable; meaning you can use it at home and also take it outdoor to your businesses, beach, or places where you need power supply.

It is a compact solar generator (with 1kVA inverter and 1500Wh lithium-ion battery). It can power basic household appliances like TV, lights, fans, laptops, etc. for 8 hours or more depending on the load on the battery. The device can be charged via solar or grid.  I have been using it for close to 6 months and it is one of the best work-tool investments I have made in recent times given the fact that I work from home and I also rely on constant power supply to deliver on jobs.

The current market price is about N530,000 - N590,000 due to FX but it has been highly discounted for this group for N480,000.

Kindly contact +2349133159663 on WhatsApp to get the product at the discounted amount.

For more info on the product, please check