All The Opportunities Are Here

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All the opportunities are here. At least for me.

I have spent all my life here. Every skill and knowledge I have will deliver me the most value here. Maybe not in money terms, at least in the short run. Every creative work I produce, tangible or intangible, will be most appreciated here than someplace else. And so I say, once again, all the opportunities are here.


What opportunities?

  1. I can wake up someday and go meet my grandpa to connect me to the politicians in my home state. That I want to go into politics. He is the first LG Chairman of my village. Though, this is not on the list of the 10,000 things I would love to do with my life but it's an open opportunity still.
  2. Running a company in Nigeria is super easy. You really don't need an attorney. No one will ever sue you for anything. No expensive legal documents drafting. You can even do your taxes yourself; the tax codes here are super simple. 
  3. You don't need to be a genius to make it. In fact, being a genius will work against you. 
  4. People's expectations are not much. No one will criticize you for anything. Everyone is focused on the politicians and Super Eagles. You can try all your legit business ideas.
  5. It's extremely easy to become a motivational speaker in Nigeria. If you fail at every other thing, you can make a living sharing the story. You'll have little competition. You can easily partner with the one man/woman mobile stores that sell anything in traffic and Molues.
  6. All the business professionals are in Lagos. You can grow your professional network aggressively without breaking a bank; just know the right events to attend.
  7. There is so much crap -- on the radio, on the TV, packaged as products, and sold as services. If you put enough brain into whatever you do, the top will be an easy ride. 
  8. We've got one of the best climates in the world. No snow, no typhoon, no hurricane, no volcano, no ash smoke, no earthquake, no tsunami, no natural flood (all our floods are man triggered), and no 60 degrees sun.
  9. Nigerians are very tolerant. It's only the 18 year olds and their overage versions that ridicule people, and they mostly do it via twitter and blogs. This is the best place to make all your mistakes.
  10. There's almost 18hrs/day electricity where I live. Life is good. Companies with no signposts are sprouting almost everywhere.
  11. There's no place like home. Almost all the world's greatest artists and inventors lived their entire lives close to home. Even the world's richest men are home-based -- Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and our own Aliko Dangote. 
  12. I can be anything and anyone here. Especially, the President. 
  13. Best of all, I will never be homesick because I'll always be at home.


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