Surprised to here from me? 

Special thanks to Dr Joseph who gave me a good encouragement to resume posting. And to Yinka and many others who left me messages to not give up or discontinue posting.

Truthfully, everyday I think about resuming my daily posts. The good part is I know that I have the capacity to do it, it is more of a desire to do it I am battling. Somehow, I get this thoughts that my daily posting is beginning to tend towards vanity and babbling and saying too much.

That battle still rages on. In the end, you'll experience the outcome.

Today, I have a special news to share with you.

I will be hosting a YouTube live session on investment and financial planning. You can indicate your interest to attend at 

The date, time and venue (online) details are:
I plan to share very practical tips and my recent knowledge of the real estate market. It will also be interactive. You can ask me questions and see me reply. It's a live broadcast.

We also have a Telegram group for continuous learning and knowledge share: