Reversing Mood Swings

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I can't remember the personality tests nor the psychology texts I read for the interpretation but they all said I am emotionally sensitive and depression-prone. So while other people can tie their mood to things happening for real, I am exposed to far more. Things that didn't happen or I can't even identify affects my mood.

But as usual I figured out an effective way of managing my moood and reversing my mood swings. Though the result has been a very unnatural one, making me have some fake/plastic expression all the time. It has not yet failed.

What is the effective way I found? Distancing, ignore, reject, dull its effect. And more recently, writing about everything has been of great help in making me less sensitive to anything. Helping me dull the effects of any external or internal stimuli on me, whether identifiable or non-identifiable. Before I found help in writing, and even till now, I usually recreate the opposite-effect stimulus to counter the effect of any undesirable stimulus. If I feel sad I go watch my favorite comedy movie or read my special occasion novels. If I feel too happy I go bury myself in work. If someone annoys me I run to friends who cheer me up, virtual and real friends. If I don't seem to get myself and can't identify why, I go reset myself via a long sleep.

And that was why I once wrote that the extremes of my visible mood is either a little happy or a little sad. More like just flat/straight. I have excellent control system.


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