I Now Mine Cryptocurrency on my Razer Blade Laptop

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This past two weeks I hooked up my Razer Blade Pro 17 model 2020 to Nicehash and have been mining crypto at the rate of about $2.5/day

So far I have made $15.49 from about 8 days of leaving my laptop to mine overnight when I am done with work for the day. My laptop's GPU is Nvidia RTX 2080 Super Max-Q and has a total power limit of 100W.

I get about 33 MH/s (mega hash per second) which is the way the crypto mining performance is measured. The more hash you can do, the more money you are basically printing.

Originally, I was doing about 28 MH/s then I read on Reddit that I can bring down my computer temperature and boost the MH/s if I overclock the GPU's memory and underclock the GPU's core clock. So I overclocked the memory by +895 and underclocked the core by - 502. And it worked as described - the laptop ran slightly cooler at 70 degrees Celsius and the hash rate jumped to 33 MH/s

I am feeling excited about the possibility of doing it on 24/7 scale but it would require getting a dedicated device (either GPU based setup or an ASIC miner).

After scouring the net, I found that one can buy an affordable and profitable dedicated miner, hook it to the internet and have it permanently on. For 3 days I was drawn to Goldshell Mini-DOGE miner that sells for $699 and makes you about $2.50/day. And it consumes a meagre 235W which is super impressive for a miner.

Sadly, it has been out of stock for weeks and no information on when one can grab one from the manufacturer's sales store. When I searched for other sellers, they have theirs listed at twice the official retail price. I settled on buying from a seller on Aliexpress who was selling his for $960 with a power supply unit (PSU) so he is not marking up his own very much as Goldshell sells at $750 (I heard) if its coming with a PSU but I am check to go click checkout for the past one week.

Now I am considering getting a GPU based miner. Maybe buy a gaming desktop with a Nvidia 30xx series GPU card. Saw one today that will mine me $4.70/day but is priced at N980,000. It's a great PC and can do more than just mining. 

I am sure the allure will wear off before I can sell my stocks to raise the money. But for sure, the mining bug has bite me.


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