If I Am An American I Will Vote Donald Trump. Why?

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First, the not whys.

  1. I don't have anything against Hilary Clinton
  2. I am not like him.
  3. I don't agree with all the things he say.
  4. I am not wishing bad luck on friends and family in the US. I don't think he's bad luck or a threat to US immigrants.
  5. I don't have anything against the Democratic Party

So why Donald Trump?

Wow. His journey has been one against odds so far. In the beginning, no one thought he was serious about running. Then no one thought he would make the primaries. Then no one thought he would be a serious challenger to Hilary Clinton. And it would be great to end by saying no one thought he would win the presidency race. He is the latest example of going against all odds after your goals. Forget about history, analysis and what the experts say. Take a shot at rewriting history. I've got no hate for Donald Trump. On the contrary, and strangely, I have learned a few strong life lessons from the recent turn of his autobiography.

The Economist strongly detest him, or so portrayed by their news articles. Huffington, New York Times, Bloomberg and most of the big media paint a dumb monster of him. Also when I read through most of the articles against him, most of what I see are people behind them hung up on being politically right. They omit the reality that he's not going tin operate in a vacuum nor overpower the system already politically in place. They are just bent on showing that he is a wrong fit for the presidency post. And I agree. But their is no right fit. No one is perfect for the post. And for all its worth their arguments are there own opinions. Maybe well backed with facts. But this is democracy and everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. No one's opinion should be forced on others. Especially the personal attacks on people whose opinions favour Donald Trump. They are often referred to as dumb and not-well-educated. Why should people suddenly think their own side of the masses alone matter and others are stupid/ignorant/unintelligent/unthinking? I chose Trump over Clinton because the people with the loudest voice and deepest pockets (media elite) shouldn't drown out the voice of others. Plus I love change. Let there be a shake up.

Primarily, I would vote Trump because I chose him before reason. And I believe in following my heart over my head. Let's try something completely new for the next four years. If we don't like it we definitely can change it. But at least we made our choices and not let some eggheads who care most about their interests make that choice for us.

Disclaimer: I am a 100% Nigerian. All what I know is from watching from afar. If your opinion is different, share it. Don't just attack mine. This is democracy. May the multitude win!

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  1. I also share your opinion,if I was an American I would also vote for him as I hate oppression and this is clearly seen from the media handling of the election news. Change is always a good thing


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