The Main Tools And Tutorials I Am Using To Learn Programming

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1. Udemy Courses

I registered for the courses on the programming language and tools I wanted to learn -- from Photohop mastery to Professional Writing to Data Analysis with R, to Python to C# and general web development. I registered for 38 different courses and have spent the last one + half year studying diligently.

2. Amazon Kindle Books

I have about 155 books. That is not counting my non-kindle books and hardcopy books. Do I read them all? No. But do I attempt to read them all? Yes. And I have benefited immensely from them. It is not uncommon for me to read my kindle books while in traffic, at a party and after church. My programming journey would have been a lot more difficult if I had just hardcopy books and could only read when there is enough external/ambient light.

3. Visual Studio

I use Visual Studio for my coding and program deployment. You can download for free here: 

4. PythonAnywhere
I use PythonAnywhere to schedule Python Scripts I want to run daily even when I am not online. I currently have a Python script that scraps the daily price, ROE and market capitalization of companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. It runs at 11:30pm everyday on my PC. I am currently moving it to PythonAnywhere and though I'm having a little problem getting it to connect with my SQL server to store the scrapped data, it's just a matter of time and digging around to get it all done. But the flexibility and functionality of PythonAnywhere is amazing that I have registered as a paid user.

And those are the main tools and tutorials I am using for my programming learning.


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