Working On A Power BI Model Of My Stocks Analysis Application and a Power BI Course

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I have got some good news for you. Especially those of you who requested to check out the stock analysis app I have been talking about.

Pending when the web app version will be completed, I am building a Power BI version that I will share with you. It will enable you see the core functions of the app with stunning visualizations.

This shouldn't take me too much time. Hopefully, this week I should be done with something good enough to share.

I am also working on an open Power BI course. I will be teaching the participants how to use Power BI and, as usual, with a more real-life/practical approach + plenty practice.

I will cover:
1. Power BI’s strength and weakness compared to the other popular BI tools
2. Important concepts of Power BI
3. Connecting to any type of data source (from structured to unstructured which will require some transforming)
4. Getting data from existing services, organizational content pack, flat files and live databases
5. Data Transformation (very broad and requires some knowledge of data analytics) and we will use DAX formulas too
6. Creating relationships between the datasets and leveraging hierarchy (a.k.a. data modelling)
7. Creating Reports
8. Visualizations and the science behind choosing the right visuals
9. Importing custom visuals (especially word cloud for sentiment analysis and other very useful non-native visuals)
10. Creating dashboards
11. Publishing Reports from the Designer and pinning to dashboards
12. Scheduling refresh
13. Q & A Natural Language query
14. Integrating with Cortana
15. Live Dashboards
16. Collaboration and sharing
17. Printing the dashboard
18. Analyzing the dashboard data (report) from Power BI service in Excel (new feature)
19. Value Proposition to corporate customers
20. Use case scenarios for entire company or business unit or departments
21. Access from mobile app and setting data alerts (that are automated notifications when something of note happens)
22. Lots of interaction (Q&A)

I am targeting November end or first week in December. Let me know if you are interested.


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