Limited Time Offer Of My Excel Book At Zero Cost + 5 Tutorial Videos On Power BI

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You can get my Microsoft Excel book for free today and tomorrow on Amazon. Click here to get it

The paperback version costs $45. Already made some sales these last two month and gotten my cut from Amazon. That is what you will be getting for zero Naira. Plus, this is the third revised edition of the book. I constantly keep it updated.

So don't delay. Act now. Grab yours now, here.

On Friday, I created five tutorial videos in my new short and direct video series. I focused on Power BI, sharing some tricks that Power BI enthusiasts should be aware of. 

For all who asked to be added to the backend of my Power BI stock analysis model, I tried to add everyone on Friday. But then I found out that Microsoft has restricted sharing the Power BI reports with public domain email addresses -- yahoo, gmail, outlook and other popular email domains. They only allow sharing to work domain email addresses. If you haven't gotten a notification that the Power BI model has been shared with you, that is the reason. Sorry. If you have a work email that is not yahoo or gmail, then provide me with that one and I will re-add you.

Below are the video tutorials. Enjoy.

Workspaces in Power BI

Unpivot Column in Power BI

Relationships in Power BI

My Power BI settings

New Column and Formatting in Power BI


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