Ntel Provides The Only Truly Unlimited Internet Bundle I Know Of

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42.75 Mbps download speed
24.05 Mbps upload speed
Unlimited internet for one month costs just N10,000 (for now).
Two days unlimited internet? N1,000 (for now).
One week unlimited internet? N3,000 (for now).

No speed cap/limit. You get all the available bandwidth 24/7 and the speed beats that of all the other networks I have used -- from Swift to Smile to Spectranet to Glo to MTN.

How do you get on the Ntel bandwagon?

Coverage is currently just Lagos and Abuja. You can check out the list of Ntel stores for the one closest to you here -- http://www.ntel.com.ng/4g-lte-coverage/ 
The extra cool thing is that you select the number you want. I requested for a number pattern that is same as my current MTN line, just that the 0806 became 0804, the rest were the same.

Since getting it last week Tuesday, I have yet to go somewhere in Lagos where they've got no network coverage. From Abule-Egba to Ikoyi, good coverage.

I also got the line cheap. More like free, only had to recharge with N1,000 during activation, which you can use for cheap voice calls or the super cheap internet plan.

The only issue to bother about is your phone. It has to support 4G. And you have to be sure, or better test first, as many phones say they support 4G but don't really do. I use a 4G modem with mine.


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