Being You

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Some us have replaced one evil with another evil. We have managed to extricate ourselves from the pressure of peer-comparison. We no longer run our lives using someone else's clock, which is good. Thumbs up. But we have denied ourselves the benefits that come with that freedom and excellent choice by replacing peer-comparison with self-comparison.

Too many people are trying (or should I say, dying) to outdo themselves. They are never at peace with themselves. Always complaining about one thing or the other in their lives. They are too harsh on themselves and self-judgmental.

Why can't you be happy being you?

Must you be a better you, another version of you or an artificial you?

I agree that it's good to be a better you. But must it be as a result of dissatisfaction and fighting the current you? 

I see people who don't know that they should separate who they are from what they do. Identity vs Activity. If you've got good parents and mentors and support system and are close to God, you should have developed a clean and good identity. And that is a you you should be happy being. As for activities, you only learn to do the right things from experience, learning from your mistakes. So embrace the entirety of you -- with the embarrassing activities and good activities. Be happy to make mistakes and learn from them and do better activities. It is also okay to be mad at yourself once in a while. But don't create another version of yourself, another identity, and frustrate the current you as being inferior to that one.

Just have one you and be happy with that you. 


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