The Magic of Digital Marketing

I'm currently facilitating a 3-day digital and social media marketing class. The participants are all from the financial services sector. They had to first enlighten me about their companies, the nature of their industry and their products/services so I can be able to come up with practical sessions that will be relevant to them.

I learned a lot and, so far, they've be highly impressed with how powerful and game-changing social media is in filling a company's pipeline effortlessly with potential customers. I showed them the magic of digital marketing and how it helped me grow my business tenfold in one year. It made it look like there are four of me. That's why I call it magic. It has an impressive multiplier effect.

So how can you harness the magical power of digital marketing?

1. Have a service or product to sell. The main difference between those wasting their time online and those making money online is simply one of mindset. One intends to sell a product/service online while the other is happy with killing time.

2. Have a website. Your website is your office space online. It is where you direct everyone you interact with online if you intend to do this the professional way.

3. Build a community. On Facebook, on Twitter, on LinkedIn, on Instagram and on any other social media platform you like. Use a mix of educative posts, promotional posts and relaxing posts to engage them.

4. Spend money advertising online. This is the part many people avoid but it is single most rewarding part. If you get your online advertising strategy right, you will never run out of customers. 90% of my clients found us online. Most via our paid online advertisements.

5. Keep fine tuning the entire process. Improve your products/services, improve your website, keep building your online community and keep optimizing your online adverts.

In the training, I am sharing with the participants all my secrets and taking them through practical sessions that guarantee results. I am condensing my 6-year learning, mistakes, discoveries, experience and surprises into a power packed intense hands-on 3-day session for them.


  1. Wow! Great writeup bro. You are very correct. Infact the next generation of achievers and of course billionaires in our country will surely be those who have learned how to harness the power of digital marketing. I am currently learning more on the subject matter and it's really being an eye opening experience. I hope you will share more tips on this in your later posts.

  2. was looking for something on Brass, when i stumbled upon your NYSC adventure article. been reading your works. great work.

    i have enjoyed picking your mind on finances, investment and all. well done


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