100% Back To Picking Stocks To Invest In, Myself

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Yesterday, I crossed a major milestone in my investment business plan. Investment business plan because I am going to make investment analysis products and also use them in my personal investment strategy plan.

Back to yesterday. I was done compiling all the data I need for analysing about 55 of the leading Nigerian companies on the stock exchange. It has taken me 6 months to put together most of the data and I got lots of help from the Bloomberg Terminal.

Just looking at the data, Nestle Nigeria seems the most fundamentally sound listed company in Nigeria. Followed Mobil Oil Nigeria, Dangote Cement and SevenUp Bottling Company. And I have decided to invest all my spare cash, going forward, in Nestle and Mobil. I have put Dangote Cement and SevenUp on my watchlist, waiting to see how they perform this year before making a buy decision. I have set up a google alert for them all.

I am putting a pause on my equity mutual fund and money market fund investments. Won't withdraw what's already in but won't put any more in. Everything now goes to my stock trading account. I currently have two stock trading accounts -- one with ARM that I opened in 2011 and another with Meristem that I opened last year when I won their N10,000 account-opening competition. 

Also, for those who asked to be in on the analysis tool, I am working on making it available freely for everyone at the start. If I progress well with my plans, it will require paid monthly subscription to access by end of next year.

I am currently working day and night to build the back-end of the analysis tool. It will be accessible on www.nigerianelite.com and I will inform you once I have pushed up (deployed/published) the tool. 

Another good news is that I will be reviving my investment posts category. You will be seeing more posts on investment, from how I analyse stocks to which stock I am buying/selling.


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