Done With The Power BI Model Of My Stock Analysis Application

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I spent the whole of yesterday working on the model, creating from scratch in Power BI. And finally, I've got the good news -- I am done with the Power BI model and you can test-drive it. The data are valid, spent months compiling them.

If you want me to share it fully with you, send me your email and I will add you from the backend. You'll get an email invitation to fully access the model dashboard, make edits on your own copy and analyse Nigerian Stock Exchange listed companies. If there's any analysis or modifications or suggestions you'll like to see me make to it, do let me know. Maybe, it looks to simplistic or no predictive analysis included or no technical analysis included. The underlying data took me months to compile and verify, the backend mashup was no small work too (PowerQuery to mashup 60+ different tables -- unpivoting, handling missing values, creating relationships e.t,c.).

You can view the entire model here.

Also below is a fully interactive embedded version. Do try it and let me know your feedback. You can analyse any combination of companies you want. Use the slicer/filter on the left.

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  1. please share with me using my email:

    will also like to talk with you on the possibility of an attachment if possible.

    continue the excellent work.


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