Handling Pressure And Some Disappointment

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I have got a presentation to make today and I can't find the files I am supposed to use. Time is against me. I searched and searched throughout yesterday till around 1:00am. Now I have to recreate the files and I'll need some miracle to be done before the presentation. On top of that, I have a project that has been pending for a week now. I have lost all motivation to do the project. It is not fun to spend months building a program to automate performance analysis, doing many tweaks and rewrite, and just when you think it's all finally done, you are told to remake the entire thing. The job has turned from a delight to a bore. I have been trying hard to force myself to keep pushing it till it's done. Then on top of that, this week is our training week. This Friday and Saturday. Our monthly Excel and Business Data Analysis training. Only one person has paid, others are just promising. The guy printing the materials has been disappointing, two months and yet to finish printing the materials, and I had to switch to someone else last week, who is saying the notice is too short. Cost of everything from food to training hall has gone up. I keep trying not to think about it as everything drags me close to depression. Still on top of that, I have a final assignment to submit for the Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa six months training program I thought finished last month. Deadline is October 17. I am to write a paper. If not that it is the last bit, I will probably just ignore it entirely. But now it is contribution to the pressure. And this morning, I got woken up by a phone call from India. I don't even know what the guy is saying but it increased my headache. And we are supposed to continue discussion on Skype. I'll probably just forget about him.

It's amazing how things change suddenly. Yesterday, I felt in control and all going great. Today, I feel almost exactly the opposite. I guess the presentation issue tipped the scale. I probably have been able to contain everything and until the needle of the presentation files lost punctured it all.

How do I handle it all, including the disappointments from promising training participants and printer guy? I don't know.

I will just have to see how I can fix the presentation one fast this morning. Unfortunately, I didn't sleep well. Went to bed at past 1:00am and rudely awaken at 6:00am by a phone call. My eyes are heavy. I pray the presentation goes well. After the presentation, I will follow up with calling the promising participants and then bury myself in the boring rewrite project. I almost forgot, I will also call the printer guy this morning and maybe scream at him.

My only consolation is that by weekend most of the pressure would have expired.


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