Your Most Valuable Resource

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Time is your most valuable resource, especially if you are planning to be a extremely rich and successful.


All the world's successful businesses and their owners started small and grew over time. Nobody went from zero to hero overnight. Not even the most intelligent. The most respected/lasting awards and rewards are earned over time. Your education cost time. Even the money bags have to put in the same time. Experience requires time, nothing can replace the time requirement. And we have all got almost same amount of time.

Today's clean wealthy people used their time wisely. While others where chasing the quick rich schemes, resetting their careers every two years, wasting time in dead-end fields and not thinking too far into the future; they positioned themselves in a way that increased their value and worth over time. They made time work for, and not against, them.

So how do you make time work for you?

You start by having a long-term mindset. Consolidate all you numerous goals into one really long-term goal and have a focused plan on how to achieve it over time. Put in place a structure (combination of new habits, permanent changes and network) that will take you towards your goal with every passing day.

For me, I have abandoned all my fancy feel good goals. Those goals you suddenly come up with at events and from feeling jealous about a colleague. Goals like take a vacation to XYZ too. Do that certification too. Buy that car too. Live in that neighbourhood too. Be on TV too. Have a newspaper column too. Do that Harvard University program too. Own that too. Do that too. I just have one big consolidated goal that is stretched over decades.


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