What I Have Gained From Reading And Writing Daily

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Clear mind. Effective communication. Better management skills. Confidence. Impressive knowledge base. Extra income. Trust. New friends. Excellent vocabulary. Stress management. Edge over competition.

It's usually the little things that make the most difference. If you read my CV or profile, you will see a lot of technical achievements and feel that it is my technical skills that have differentiated me. Today, I am going to surprise you.

Yes, my technical skills help me deliver on projects I get. But it is my non-technical skills that get me those projects in the first place. And chief of those non-technical skills is my ability to communicate clearly, intelligently and purposefully.  People love it when they can have an interesting discussion with you. They love to be surprised that you know so much about business, technology and how to help them solve their problems in better ways than they initially had in mind.

They love it when they can talk to you as an equal, like a partner in their business, and not as some technical guy who is cranked up about his tools and know jack about anything else. They love it when I can talk politics, international business, finance, logistics, accounting, banking, oil and gas, shipping, aviation, retail marketing, project management, fiction and know something valuable about everything.

And they love it better when my writing is impressive -- from proposal documents to project documentation.

My daily reading and writing exercise has paid off most handsomely for me than any other skill I have acquired.

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  1. 'Boss'...I don't know where to start from; I owe you a lot of comments on this platform; I actually put it on to-do list to make comment today.
    You are a bundle of inspiration to me. Blessed be God for making me to locate you on the web more than a year ago, from your interview posted on afterschoolafrica.com. More than a year ago, if I miss your post in a day, the next day I come here, I make sure I read the previous, but in most cases, I hardly forget this platform to read daily posts.
    I have learnt massively from you.
    How can you be such a big 'body of knowledge', knowing so many things (you have always challenged for good to stretch myself)...same you share some mind-blowing insights here for nothing price...and how you could even make time to read all manners of things, the knowledge of such you share here. Your website is some sort of wealth for whoever is interested in what you share.
    You are a many-great-things put together; I am actually at loss for word, for you.

    Thank you for your determination; to post daily, to author books, to read many things personally to share for free, for being so technically-sound, for the courage portrayed to start your own company, and for risks you are ready to take to break new frontier...and for untold things.

    To me, your life, determination has been an inspiration to shape out some things for me. I love what you do. To be an 'hero' is not when someone is an army general, you are one to me in your own ways. All these are not to flatter; even few people close to me know that I read one Michael's blog always.

    And finally, thank you for that note-worthy call you made to me when in Abuja, despite the fact that we have never met once. (Now you could guess who wrote all these lines)

    I celebrate you sir!


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