Finally, We Get A Music Only Radio Station In Lagos

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Thumbs up to Consolidated Media Associates (CMA)! Finally we get a music only radio station in Nigeria. This year they brought on air Soundcity 98.5 and Urban 96.5. But the one I am giving them thumbs up for is the Soundcity 98.5, powered by music. It is a music only radio station. I even love their catch phrase -- "We let the other stations do the talking."

If you were on my blog about three years ago when I wrote about the weird things I do, you will notice the number 6 -- I don't listen to radio, the presenters are always interrupting at the wrong moments. And the reason is I find their talks IQ-lowering. And in another post, in 2014, I wrote about buying an FM transmitter on Alibaba, I mentioned that I someday plan to have a radio station that plays only music. 

Now I don't have to wait till I start that radio station. I no longer have to shuffle between dozens of radio station to avoid the annoying talks when driving. I even now look forward to enjoying good music in traffic, unlike before where I either shuffle between 6 to 8 radio stations in one hour or plug in my iPhone to stream Spotify music and TuneIn music.

For once, I am seeing a truly valuable occurrence in our media space. Valuable for me.

If you are anti-talk pro-music fellow like me, whenever you are in Lagos and want just music, tune in to Soundcity 98.5 FM. 

Next is to get CMA to pay for this advert.


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