Done With Fraud Report Web Application. Ready For Use.

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I'm finally done with the Fraud Report web app that allows you to report any fraud attempt on you. You can access it via and 

It is time for you to dig out those fraudulent SMSs you've received, those fraudulent emails you've received, details of those fraudulent phone calls you've received, details of people who charged you for a service and didn't deliver, details of people who bought your products/service on credit and ran off, details of people who tried to scam you.

Make a report about each fraud event/attempt. 

This is the beginning of something new and useful. 

I am already gathering mine and will report them -- the fake Arik Air HR guy who scammed two people through me, the fraudulent Poropo Kukurakey guy who bought iTunes gift card from me and ran away with my money, the fake job messages my younger sister received, and so many others.

It will help people see the patterns fraudsters use, identify some of them, avoid falling for the same scams others have fallen for and our ultimate goal of turning the authorities on the serial fraudsters. Imagine what help it would be for EFCC and Police when they are provided with evidence from hundreds, even thousands, of people scammed by the same fraudster.

Be a part of this, don't let fraudsters keep taking us for granted. Let's shine light on their ugly tactics and spoil market for them.

Report a fraud at 
Tell you family and friends about this. Let's make Nigeria safe again!


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