Building The Back End Of My Stock Analysis App Using Python To Scrap Daily Stocks Data

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I am already building the back-end of my stocks analysis web application. 

I have deployed an SQL server and database in the cloud (Microsoft Azure cloud) to store daily records of each NSE listed company's closing price, traded volume, market capitalization, shares outstanding, last dividend, dividend yield, price to earning ratio, earning per share, return on investment and return on equity.

Now I am in the middle of building a python script that will scrape this data from Reuters and populate the database everyday.

Once I am done with the Python script and have it scheduled to run daily, next will be to build the core in C# MVC to merge that data with the quantity analysis data I already have and provide the public a rich supply of solid technical analysis of companies listed on the stock exchange.

I will keep you updated on my progress and grant you early access to the stock analysis app.


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