MVP #78: New Chart Types In Excel -- Treemap, Sunburst, Histogram, Box & Whisker, Waterfall and Funnel

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If you've felt limited by the charts in Excel or would like to do some of those amazing charts you see online, then you've got to try out the new charts in Excel 2016. And if you are in finance and always had to use a complicated way to create waterfall charts, well, those hard days are now over. Same also for our statistically inclined folks -- you can now create your histogram and Box & Whisker charts easily in Excel.

Today, I will be showing you what those charts look like in Excel. And if you are impressed enough to want try them, all you need is Excel 2016. Better if you have the O365 subscription pack one, I think those ones get pushed new updates first.

1. Treemap.

This lets you use rectangular bars of varying height and width to visualize performance or values of different entities.

2. Sunburst
It's a lot like Pie chart and Doughnut chart, main difference is that it automatically sorts the data to be visually represented in descending order clockwise.

3. Histogram

It is for showing frequency distribution. Those of us with some statistical background will be at home with it.

4. Box & Whisker

This is also a statistician's tool. It is for showing the spread of values for the different quartiles in the data.

5. Waterfall.

This is an accountant's staple. It shows incremental effect of connected data points.

6. Funnel 

If you are into sales you will be familiar with funnels. How many leads you need to get a sale? Conversion rates? With a funnel chart you can visually depict each level of your sales activities and their conversion rates.

And those are the new chart types in Excel.

You can access them natively from the chart menu.


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